Scammer Elena Mihajlukova Elena

28th of February 1983
Luhansk National Republic

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Comment #123983
Hello, my dear XXXX,

I am glad you have taken some time to send me a mail as I was really
interested to know more about you. I do not mind getting to know a
construction worker :))) Do your kids live with you ? I see they are
really fond of sports. I will always accept my man's kids I hope that
my man will accept my daughter too, kids are our little treasures and
no matter how old they are so , I have no problem with you being a
father. Moreover , I also have a daughter Zlata , she is 5 years old .
Of course I have heard about Sweden, you must be a real Viking and
have you known that Vikings used to capture Slavic ladies? Probably
this is in your blood to be attracted to us :) I am coming from the
non existing republic, a part of Ukraine , small town Shimshinovka
that was turned to the Luhansk National Republic by the will of the
terrorists. So I have survived the summer of 2014 hiding with my
parents , my brother and my daughter. The summer of 2015 was actually
not better , surviving , being afraid of the loud sounds as it could
be a bomb and trying to earn coins for some bread. As a woman I should
not be able to define the BM21 shots from the mine shots , but nobody
asked my wish. I gained this skill. Still I can tell you for sure my
system of the values has changed. I used to have a normal job at the
trade firm( trade manager Kraft company) as now I work as a part time
shops assistant, I used to have a family but got divorced. But now I
am sure that I am going to be a wonderful wife as I am able to survive
without water , electricity supply and if one day you choose to move
to Cambodia I will follow you and get accustomed without exploding
your brain with hysterics. Then I can cook a tasty dish from simply
products, cooking is my huge hobby! Moreover I am an adult lady , so I
know what a man wants :) I turned 32 on the 28th of February:)

I want to be my man's sleepless night , I mean it will be not easy for
him to fall asleep by my side without touching me :) My man will talk
as my man, smile as my man , hold me as my man should do and be THE
MAN in the global meaning of this word , someone who will never leave
me running away in a bad time.

I have only one disadvantage :)))I know many things , but not foreign
languages so I am getting some help of the translating office to have
my mails translated , but do not worry , I study fast:)

Ok ,I will need to go , I will be waiting for your mail , yours Elena
Comment #123986
Hello,my dear X,

How are you ? I am definitely gaining a habit of thinking about you
and waiting for your mails, what a good sign :))) Thanks for sending
me this electronic reason to smile :) The pics are great all of the
are full of positive!!!

I am sorry about your dad drinking too much , fortunately my parents
are normal but my ex liked to have drinks . I am so happy you will be
a father for my kids and I will be mom to yours , I am sure I will
like your mom too! She has brought up a wonderful son! As to the
language , may be I am more intelligent than your ex? I will be happy
to continue my English study , but I simply have no money to do it now
as I am only paid 60 USD a month I am not able to pay a tutor and buy
books , the situation here is very difficult.

Lately I started imagining our meeting, I am serious and mean it...
What if one day I come to you or you will get a chance to be here ,
all in all these troubles here can not be eternal( at least I wish
something changes to the best as I need a normal job , to be
honest my savings run out , I hardly manage to keep paying for
the mails to be translated:( Anyway , I wonder what your first
words will be... Will you kiss me or embrace me and will you
bring flowers ( I like flowers a lot) and may be you will
surprise me with something. actually I have an idea of
surprising you :)

Do you like strawberries?I love them especially covered with the
chocolate ... Served with some whipped cream. You know , small girls
like eating strawberries with sugar , but big girls ( like myself :)
prefer chocolate as chocolate is passion,strawberry is a touch and
whipped cream is tenderness, a perfect cocktail, right? To spice it I
will add some nice lingerie , some candle light and Marc Antony
singing something romantic:))) Oh , probably you are already packing
your suitcase:) Do not rush , we still need to discuss this pretty
little plan :)

I am 163 cm high , weight 52 kg, I have Specialist university degree
in economy, I would like to learn karate , know almost nothing. Yes ,
I believe in God, I am Christian Orthodox. I am always ready to take
care of my man and kids , I am a woman , it is in my nature , I am
ready to be an amazing partner for my man!!!

I would like to get to your sauna right now as the day is gloomy and
cold so I need warmth, Asko!I will be waiting for your reply and may
be it will arrive even sooner than I expect. Yours Elena.
Comment #123987
Hi ,my dear X ,

I am sorry I only send you a short mail as I have no funds at all to
pay a long mail, I hope you will help me , even 100 USD will be a
great help for me. Thank you , I promise I will not let you down . My
sweet , yes , we have Western Union here , I was told that you need
the following information:

name :Elena Mihajlukova
address : Lenina 47
Zip code : 92015
town : Shimshinovka
country :Ukraine

Thank you for your care and concern , Elena