Scammer Tatyana Lysenko Tatyana

25 december 1980
Korotkaya 23

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From Tatyana to me:
I hope you are not offended - this is a romance story

She takes his hand, leads her to him and they hold each other, without

talking, closely, remembrances of their past conversations come to

mind, the passion is exploding, yet they are subdued and content just

feeling each other's arms, knowing they are now both safe.

He moves his hands up to her shoulders, feeling her soft skin, and as

his hands reach her face, her eyes are closed, absorbing the moment.

His hands cup her face gently and she looks at him, eyes wide open and

as his lips touch her forehead, she leans back and takes his kiss, the

first ever, and she quickly warms up inside, feeling the warmth, the

softness and the moistness of his kiss and their lips melt together.

Slowly moving from side to side, not breaking the lock on their lips,

fearing they will are not really together, they enjoy the long hello

kiss they have each dreamed of and each now knowing the wait was worth

all the frustrations they have endured in their long distance romance,

begun such a short time ago.

His hands slowly move back to her shoulders and he kisses her neck

slowly and gently, he feels her goosebumps get large and he feels her

shiver, knowing she feels the same inside as he does. She holds him

tightly, allowing him to feel her quivering, getting the last ounce of

energy from the embrace. Slowly he takes his hands and touches her

waist, above her belt line, spreading his fingers to engulf all of her

body that he can gather at one time. Her blouse is pulled above her

pants and he can feel her sweet soft skin on his fingers and he holds

her closely. She kisses him slowly, gently and tastes his skin at

last, something she has wanted for so long and the taste and aroma was

much as she had envisioned during the long nights she endured without

his love, his touch and his passion.

He moves his hands slowly up her sides, the silk blouse rubbing the

backs of his hands as he reaches her cloth covered breasts the he has

seen, wanted to touch so badly and now the time is at hand, when he

actually can feel the soft skin, feel the nipples she has told him are

so hard during their conversations. Reaching the clasp on her bra, he

fiddles with it momentarily, as he is out of practice and finally the

clasp comes undone, she feels the relief of the restraints on her

breasts and she feels her hard nipples begging to be free for him to

feel, to touch, to suck and to kiss.

Taking her blouse over her shoulders, removing her bra, he steps

backward to sit on the edge of the bed and as each piece of clothing

falls to the floor, her body shakes in anticipation of feeling his

hands all over her body, she is charged and so wet the moisture is

running down her legs and she knows when his lips touch her erect

nipples, she will release a flow that he will devour and she will feel

him inside so very soon. Taking her breast in each of his hands, he

looks up to see her eyes glowing, she leans over to kiss him, touching

his shoulders, he moves to take her hard nipples into his mouth and

they grow to ten times their normal size, wanting to fill his mouth.

The little bumps around her nipples are so large they feel like

raisins and she feels them brushing against his chin, while he takes

his tongue and circles her nipples quickly, he tastes the nectar that

emanates from her nipples and he is in heaven, sucking each and every

drop from them.

She has waited so long to feel her body in this state of excitement.

She has many times laid on her bed, touching herself, feeling her hard

clit and touching her hard nipples, but she knew the intensity of his

fingers exploring those same places would be so much more wonderful.

He feels her warmth, and stands in front of her, she takes a step

back, looking into his eyes, he reaches out to touch her waist again

and begins to unzip her pants as she kicks off her shoes and pushed

them away. She once again feels the warmth of her body run down the

inside of her thighs and she is standing 10 feet above the ground,

drenched in wetness that she has never felt before. As she feels her

pants fall from her hips, she steps out of them and he leans over to

pick them up, folds them and lays them on the table next to the bed

and he turns her around, takes his hands to her panties and slowly

takes them down over her hips and in doing so, he kneels in front of

her kissing her thighs and as her panties reach her knees, he sees the

stream of moisture and he know she is here in front of him, she is

finally here for him to taste. He takes her panties from her feet,

one foot at a time, and gives them a toss, where they went he does not

know and does not care.

As he returns to kissing her thighs, he sits her on the bed. leans her

back and he sees her heavenly pussy that he has wanted for so long.

She spreads her legs slowly exposing the river flowing from within her

body, the bed is getting soaked already and as she thinks life cannot

be any better, she feels his warm breath and moist tongue touch her

clit which is engorged and waiting for his attention. Oh my God she

says as he takes her moisture and her soft pussy into his mouth, and

holds his head in her hands guiding him to please her. Her taste was

exactly as he had envisioned it would be, sweet, smooth and silky, he

takes her clit into his mouth, gently bites it and she breaks loose

with the most intense orgasm she has ever know and she floods his

mouth with a torrent as her insides cramp with pleasure, each wave

growing stronger as he continues to manipulate and caress her body

with his tongue and fingers touching the insides of her thighs, taking

her pussy lips and moving the apart so he can deeply plant the kisses

he has planned for so long. She again bursts and floods him again, he

moves his head back and she sees his wet face, dripping with her

juices and she feels so good. She leans forward and takes his head in

her hands again and she kisses him deeply tasting her own body on his

breath and taking her moisture into her mouth, they stay attached for

what seemed like hours.

He lays her back on the bed, stands up, slowly taking his shirt from

his body stepping back, he removes his shoes and unfastens his belt,

allowing his pants to slip to the floor, exposing his manhood that she

has brought to attention so many times. He slowly removes his briefs,

and she knows that soon she will feel him inside her, knowing that any

feelings or thought she had had in the past were going to be

overshadowed when he is finally inside her. He leans over her body,

kisses her clit again, moves up and takes her nipples into his hands

and his mouth, gently biting them again and she moves up onto the bed,

allowing him to move between her legs, feeling his knees against hers,

she opens wide and then she feels the warmth of the head of his cock

touching her pussy lips and slowly he enters her body, while she

clamps onto his cock, continuing to enter her body, she feel filled up

and as he lays down across her chest, her hard nipples touching his

chest, their lips meet and he plunges into her all the way and she

enters the gates of heaven, holding him tightly as he thrusts in and

out, slowly, each stroke, her lips are rubbed and they want him to

stay there forever. Their kissing gets stronger, touching tongues.

His thrusts get stronger and deeper as she spread her legs and moves

her knees up to take him as far as he can go into her body. His

stokes get slower now and she feels the head of his cock, hard

touching her insides, she reaches the point of climax with him inside

her, he is perched above her, watching her eyes and knowing she feels

good. She tells him she wants him to cum with her and she tells him

to fill her up with his love. He pulls back, then sinks deeply into

her and that is all he can take, he feels the moment approaching and

he feels her tighten her grip on his cock as she lets loose with

another huge gushing orgasm and not being able to hold it back any

longer, he lets go, pumping her pussy with vigor, letting his cum

blast into her waiting body and she feels the throbbing inside her.

She continues to force him inside her to get every drop of his cum and

his eyes are glistening and she knows he loves her and he knows she

loves him. he falls to her chest and says, Tatyana, I love

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my love I'm happy to see your letter!
how are you? as your sons, my love?
I hope your day was successful, and successful
I hope you have fun and a good time in the sauna, my dear!
my dear, I have two news!
The first news is just wonderful! Today I was in the agency and I was told that my documents will be ready in the middle
next week and I'm already next week I can come to you my love! you know this is my love that is already on
Next week we will be able to be together!
The second news is I started to watch the tickets and when I found out the price of tickets, I was shocked
my dear, I was told that the tickets will cost 934 euros, and for me it was a shock!
I do not have that kind of money that would be dear to pay for tickets
my love now I do not know what to do
Comment #123989
My sweet love X missing you. I 'm thinking about you all time. I'm thinking about time, when we finally will be together, can embrace and kiss each other… I think how it's nice that I have met you in the Internet, that God helped us. If I was told before, that I will meet my love in the Internet, I would not believe this man. I would think, that this man is crazy or joker. But it has happened. It has happened not to somebody but to me. And I'm glad that the people invented the Internet. I didn't think that it's possible to find my only love in the Internet. But I have found. Please, don't give me up. It will be a strong pain for me. I won't simply go through it. But I believe that you won't do it. My love, I have good and bed news. Good - I GOT THE TICKETS!!!!!!!! All ok my sweet love! And bad news - I should show "Cash money" at the custom, as people at the airport told me, this is law and I can't avoid this. My visa availble for 3 month, and I must show your govenment, this I have money for live in your country this time, this named "cash money". The summe is very big - 4500 euro. I must show this money on the custom. You can image how much money I should have with me!!!!!? It is very big sum if I will stay for free month. I told them, that I will go to you and you would care about me, and I would stay with my visa at first 3 months, then we will marry and may be together will return to Russia, and they should not worry about this, and they can call you, but, my love, Asko said, that they have so many people every day and all told about this, and they had bad experience, that I can exchange my tickets and other, and at the end this is law and they can't do anything, so, they advise me that you can send me this money and when I will come to you I will GIVE you them BACK. My dearest Asko my flight will be 24 of October, If I will not use this chance, I will try to change tickets, but I afraid to lost them, because my tickets are of econom class. And we are together with you already so exciting and I think you don't want another time for me to come to you now.... Please, send me money as soon as possible because I have no money. You will receive this money back right after my arrival to you.

.My love, if I will fly tomorrow and will not this tickets, you should send money as soon as it is possible, my love. Because if not, I should change tickets. Honey, to change tickets is very difficalt, because I can lost money…Honey, I want to fly to you tomorrow, please, try to send me money sooooooonnnnn!!!! Honey, I immediately will return you this money, when I will come to you, because I should only show it!!!

I love you so much…I need your help so much…

I will come here sooner…

I kiss you…

With love, your future wife Tatyana
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I had contact with this person ,she sent me a number of pictures and after a few weeks all contact finished , for no obvious reason ..
Comment #124420
She use now a new mail adress :