Scammer Maria Didenko Masha

Donetsk region
Debaltsevo city/ Ukraina
Lenina str 23. Zip code 84700

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Comment #123974
Hi, xxxxx!

Do you remember me? How are you? Do you still interested in me? I was
waiting for your letter, but you don't write me. I hope to hear from
you soon.

Have a good day.
Comment #123975
Hi my darling xxxxx!

I'm very happy to hear from you today. Thank you that you have found
time to write me. You brought me happiness by writing your letter. I'm
glad that we share our thoughts and feelings via our letters to each
other. I enjoy this feeling and I hope you too. Thank you for the
photo you sent me. As always I liked it a lot. You look so great and
wonderful like a real man! Please keep sending me your photos. I adore
them! I was very sad to know that you decided not to write me. I was
waiting for your letter. It is good that I decided to write you.
Otherwise we could lose each other. So I'm still single and I have
nobody. Thank you for your condolences about my childhood. Now all in
the past and I have nothing to worry about. I think it made me
stronger and now I think just about my future. I was nicely surprised
to know that you know what origami is. I like it very much and
children at my work like it too. Thank you for your compliments. I'm
overjoyed that you find me so beautiful. But I do not think that I'm
too beautiful. I live in Ukraine where the most part of women are
beautiful. I'm just not an exclusion. I didn't know that the distance
between us is so big. Anyway you are wrong telling that I can't leave
my city. I can do it any day. I would be very happy to meet you in
Kiev if you decide to come. My full name is Maria, but you can call me
as you want. Masha sounds good too. I guess you want to know what I'm
looking for and why. Ok, as I told you before, my childhood was
terrible. My stepfather was an alcoholic and he beat me and my mother
when was drunk. This fact helped me to understand that more than
anything I don't want to have a man like my stepfather was but when
I'm looking around, I see that the majority of men here are like my
stepfather. Of course, I'm not talking about every man but almost
every good and kind man here is married already or simply has a
girlfriend. This is natural because every woman like me wants to have
a good and kind man. I thought I've lost this chance and now I didn't
know what to do... One evening I was at home and just watched news by
TV. I watched report about one rural girl who met a man from abroad.
To be more precisely, he was from Germany. She met him through the
Internet and he came to her to take her to his country. That woman
didn't have any travel documents and they tried to cross the border
illegally but were caught by customs and he came back home alone. They
decided to meet in a couple of months and during that time she got a
passport and learned some English. By the way she didn't know English
like me but it was not a problem for them. I hope it will not be a
problem for us as well, right? Now I use Google to have correspondence
with you but later I'm planing to learn English. I promise. So after
some time he came again and this time he took her to his country
legally. As I know they live a happy now. This story gave me an idea
to find my husband through the Internet and I hope that my story will
be lucky too! I just need your help to make my story happy. Would you
like to help me? I hope so! I hope you will have great day and you
will smile thinking about me. Write me soon! I will be waiting!

Kiss you!
Your Masha.
Comment #123997
I got an email from the scammer Masha. I found it a good idea that others can see and read her regular personality.
I start by heading

"To fucking motherfucker!"

Sen writes Masha, or Maria the following to me:

"Hey, motherfucker, put my pictures and the address on the scam site? Wow
you are so smart motherfucker. I'm not going to use this address. so I
do not care about your report. How is your mother? Still sucks? and
What about you? I saw you on the gay parade. Do you also like to suck
cocks? lol lol lol. you always sigh, old swedish freak. "

Absolutely incredible to see Masha's true characteristics and language use.

Masha and the Mafia in the site hate the West and the men from the western world. They just want access to your money and nothing else. Do not believe what they write to you.
Always request a recording by mobile phone to be sure of the identification.
Do not get caught for a fotomodells picture and believe that what a beautiful girl like you.
Comment #123998
too good to be authentic
Comment #124008
did you notice the photos are of different females