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Slavutich Ukraine

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My dear,its Irina,
how are you doing ?
i am well,we have the less of time before
holidays so we need to hurry up to make plans.
Father do feel good about us now and he sends
you all his best regards,he would like to meet you
one day soon.I see a lot of people on the streets and
there are many beautiful lights and Christmas trees.
I like to walk this time of year even it is cold sometimes
but it does not stop me.
I have talked to travel agent and she gave me the prices for flights and
the normal price now is about 1300 dollars for round trip,
and it is the price if we pay for tickets right now,if we do it later
by Christmas the price will be higher and nobody know if there will be any
available flight also,because many people try to meet by holidays.
So we need to pay for tickets now and it is about 1300 dollars,
i have got 500 saved and 800 is what keep us a part,
i will be getting salary by December 21 and i will be able to cover the
whole price by 21,but i am not sure if there will be available flights and
the price could be bigger so we need to pay for tickets now and you
should get 800 here and i will return it to you when arrive.
I will be flying out on 22nd of December from Kiev,
and the name of the airport here is (KBP),
tickets will be in my hands by weekend,
and i will provide you with flight info as soon as i have it by myself.
Now about the way how to get funds here,we can use Western Union or Money Gram,
you can check their web sites : and
and the second is cheaper and better so you can use it,
this is the info you should have for transfer,
Country : Ukraine,City: Sloviansk,My full name : Irina Parkhomenko
and if you have any questions feel free to call them and ask.
You should send funds at any bank in Sloviansk and provide me with
reference transfer # after you send it here.
So please do it asap because we should pay for tickets now.
I am very happy that we have find each other and i do want to
meet you very much,i hope everything will be fine and it will
give us a chance to know each other better,
and if it is the destiny let it be so.
Did you ever thought you will meet the lady of your dreams
throw Internet ? i did not realize our relations would go so
far when we just start to correspond but later i have find you
very attractive to me i do mean in communication and this is the
most important when people have connection in mind first because
if they have connection in mind that means they will have it
in all parts of relations for sure.Do you agree with me ?
I have got Christmas dream and you can easy know what is it :)
certainly it is about us and about getting together and i hope
we will have a great future,the time will show us and promt the
way what to do the next.

looking forward to hearing from you soon

With kisses
Yours Irina