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This person whom was called mollystyn on okcupid checked out my profile so i decided to message her. She asked me for my email address and told me she was running out of time and had to go. We started email conversations over the past month and as time was passing by it got easier and easier to fall for someone like her. She sent me photos with every message. Her english was not so good but i figured that was normal.
She told me about her parents, her younger brother who passed away at the age of 3. she was 6 at the time. Her father spent a lot of time in their garden and her and her mother liked to cook and clean together.
She worked for a local school for 10 or 12 years in an art class. She said her mom taught her how to work with threads and fabrics and that is what she taught her students. After a week or so her school was closed by the fire department due to not being up to code. She didn't take it well but moved in with her best friend Anna who was married and Anna's husband was a truck driver and hardly ever home. Anna and her husband were expecting a child soon. She also liked to go for walks in the park but hated it when the drunk locals bothered her. She also told me that i remind her of her father and that she talks and thinks about me all the time.
She never asked for money for I have discovered her as a scammer while doing some research online. I was a bit suspicious because it all sounded too good to be true. She also said she didn't have a computer at home, and had to go to the internet cafe every day to contact me. That would be pretty expensive to someone without a job i thought.
Anyway while researching online i found her exact same story by another person filing a report. Its identical and i sent the scammer, elena, an email just a while ago calling her out on trying to scam me. I sent the link to her "story" that i read on I told her not to write me anymore and that she almost had me. I wasn't rude about it but now that i think about all the pictures she sent me(which i deleted btw), they all looked very professional. she said she didn't have a camera and that all photos were taken from another friend of hers that recently moved away.
Anyway I am glad there are websites out there that allow victims to report their scammers to. I will stay clear of russian women and is all over the internet for scammer email names. Anyway i hope this report helps.

The link i found the same story on....just scroll down a bit, you'll see it

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she could be guys using stolen photos as thats the usual setup
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She asked me for my email address and told me she was running out of time and had to go. <-- I had exact the same complain on Russian-personals.
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I got the exact same story. Too good to be true. The user's email was:
Different pictures. Teacher, brings much joe. I haven't gotten to the part where she loses her job yet. I'm going to ask her to send me money.
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I've received the same exact information as everyone has. Elena seems to be a popular name. If you receive a letter from this email address, run quickly.