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How are you ? How is your mood? I am not very good today.Imagine i was
late at work on 15 mins.And i can tell you im lucky....I struck in
horror!!! I saw much bloody things this day...I mean dead bodies
everywhere... I never could think that i will see such awful tragedy!
My life remind me a game for surviving. I do not how to tell you bad
news but we promise and want trust each other. My job closed for
unknown time because of explode near factory. I do not know how much
people died thanks God im alive. If i would come in time i would be
already dead too... I am in shock.. I cant even imagine what would
happened to Masha..... because we all alone here. I lived so much
pain: drunker husband, death of family but in the end God make a gift
this is you! War took my family took my job i hate war!!!! All i have
this is Masha and you. I do not want lost you because you became
parcel part of our life.

Masha says today: mom do not worry, daddy - definitely will
help us, ....i cry..... I used to be strong woman for a long time but
i am so tired. I want to give up. I need you now more than ever, i
need your support and understanding. Because of explode in factory we
didnt get salary and now im in mess and pieces of. I do not know what
Masha will eat today, how i will translate our letters and i do not
know how to live now. What am i supposed to do? How to survive in this
situation? I do not want my daghter suffering!!!I do not know what to
do next. I cant even imagine if i do no have you. You are the best man
i ever met, our comminication become sence of my life. Im afraid ot
lost you. Please just always remember that on Ukraine exist 2 girls
who think of you, pray for you and need you.

> How was your day?
Awful honey, awful im still confused.. hug me i want feel in safe
> Tell me, to what time you work?
Seems now i dnt work till unknown time ....
> What do you do in the afternoon? After the job.
I take child from school, we cook, do home work and take a walk if
outside is calm.....

Your Nastya and Masha