Scammer darren Madge Lord_Madge

Baltimore MD

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Comment #123724
This man scammed me out of nearly $9000 AUD claiming it was for accommodation, leave from the company he was working for.
Comment #124115
This scammer was "based in Ankara, Turkey" training soldiers blah blah blah. Was never able to skype only voice skype which was the start of my suspicions tgen "it" would get the time difference wrong afew times. During our chats hd asked whom i lived with and if he could live with me. For someone who was living comfortable financially i did not expect that nor would expect him to ask for cash which gave it away. I'm lucky not to have been sucked in as this con artist moved on when i told him to CTFD Calm The Fk Down.
Comment #132961
This person identified himself to me as Darren Tornike Melua phone 4109896893 email he also has a LinkedIn profile under the same name. This occurred from July 2016 to Feb 2017 He also said he had lived off Cleveland st and west Lafayette st in Baltimore MD claiming he was a single father and his child lived in KY with his sister. He said he was training troops for DynCorp international in Ankara turkey. He scammed 9k USD from me in a matter of 6 months under the guise of losing his bank card and losing company property. Also said he wanted to move in with me and make me the mother to his son. Played off my weakness of my recent divorce and my inability to have children
Comment #135824
He contacted me on OKC under the name Darren Tornike Meskhi. Email Same BS Ankara, Turkey working for Dyncorp (they have no employees there). Single father, son with sister in KY. Wanted money because bank card blocked and lost work property. Thankfully I called his BS early on. We talked for about one month only...Feb-March 2017. Just found he has a profile on E-Harmony. Reported it.