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Hi !!!!!!!!!!!
I want to meet you and learn about you a lot.
I have my own laptop, but very old ...
I want to tell you about myself and send some of his photos,
I hope you like and we will communicate with you every day and get to know each other better and better ....
I beg you, that you also send me your picture, because I want to see the person with whom I communicate .....
My name is Ekaterina, I am 25 year. birthday on 25 October.
I live in the city of Pavlodar.
I hope you do not mind, I'm from Kazakhstan?
I understand that we are very far apart, but it's not a problem for me ...
I have no children and I have never been married, but in the future
I would like to have children, but only from a loved one, which at the moment unfortunately I do not ....
I'm looking for a serious relationship, to continue to create a happy and safe family.
My height is 169 cm, weight 55 kg.
I work as a salesman in a drugstore, I have medical education.
I do not have bad habits, I do not smoke and do drugs, do not you?
I can fluently speak in English, because she studied it at university.
My parents live separately from me, they bought me an apartment on credit, but I'm here alone!
I have a cat, whose name Murka, I'll send you our joint photo later.
Do you have pets?
Tell me, what do you do? where do you work?
Tell me more about yourself, whether you have children and if you were married?
I've never talked to a person from another country, in this very interesting to me.
Tell us where you live and of course send me your picture.
This concludes my letter and I will look forward to your next reply.
Have a good day ....
Regards Ekaterina.

Hello !!!!!!!!!!
I'm really happy that you've written to me !!!
I am very interested to know you, because I like you ....
I want to tell you that I've never been to another country, with the exception of Kazakhstan ...
But I always wanted to visit another country, or go to any trip!
I hope that my dream once, true!
But our meeting too early to speak.
You and I know very little about and we need to familiarize themselves more and get to know each other better.
I've had a long relationship with a man from my town, but we broke up.
He cheated on me with my girlfriend and I have not forgiven him for it ...
I will never forgive betrayal or deception, because I believe that relations should be complete harmony.
What do you think? I hope you agree with me?
In this letter I will tell you more about myself and my hobbies.
I love to walk in the fresh air, just for sports.
In general, I love an active way of life, because I am an energetic girl.
But sometimes I like to be alone with myself and read a book or watch TV.
I watch different movies, but most of all I like the adventure or comedy.
As I listen to music, and in my house a large collection of CDs.
I do not know what else to write, because I never corresponded over the Internet and I do not hesitate a lot ...
Tell me how are you doing? the weather at you? how was your day?
Tonight I plan to be at home, read a book, do not you?
With this I conclude my letter, I send you my photo.
I am looking forward to hearing from you.
Comment #123672
I'm glad to see your letter. I open mail and wait for new letters from you!!!
I am pleased to communicate with you. Very interesting to learn a lot about you.
I want You more wrote to me and talked about himself. How was your day?
How's the weather in your city? I'm interested in everything!!!
You told your friends that write to the girl from another country?
I've already said. I'll show you a picture of them. And they are happy that I have a friend.
They transfer you greetings)))
You know I have a lot of interesting news. I want to tell you everything.
My first news is very good. My father a month ago, got a new job.
He had long wanted such a job. Indeed, in Kazakhstan not pay much.
But-a commercial enterprise is located in Russia.
And our whole family was invited to leave.
Before I met you, we started to do the paperwork for the move.
And today we were informed that all the documents are ready and we can go.
We are all very happy. All things are gathered!!! And soon I'll be in Russia.
And I will continue to write you from Russia. We live in city Cheboksary.
In the next letter I will tell you about the city. I will share my impressions.
Well) I was wondering how they live there. My parents say that there well.
They say that Kazakhstan was in the Soviet Union and was part of them.
And now many years later they returned to Russia.
Parents are happy and I'm happy with them.
Tell me about yourself, you dear friend.
I want you more wrote to me. I'll wait for letters from you.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to do a lot of things before leaving.
I want to go to say goodbye to friends. I'll miss my friends(((
Today, it's news. Waiting for new letters from you.
Also I want to know more about you. You write me very little about yourself.
It is not about you. Why? I ask you to tell me about yourself.
Comment #124916
la chica es muy parecida a , no me a pedido dinero ,pero la forma como se xpresa es parecida.. a dejado de comunicarse cuando le pedi su nombre completo y la direccion de su trabajo y domicilio. la verdad que ahora dudo mucho.