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Hello, joe !!! As you already understood, is Ekaterina. And I am very glad to receive your letter.
I apologize for the delay in my response, but I think this is the last time. I'm really very happy that you wrote
Me, joe!
I want to tell you why I decided to use the internet! The fact that my girlfriend Anna, found a future husband through the Internet!
Her husband's name is Leon, and she came to live with him to Austria! Anna and Leon are very happy together! I see and I know how much they are happy, and
I'm very pleased! I believe that Anna and Leon were very lucky to find each other in such a huge world.
You might question why I have not found a man in Russia?
I will be very serious and frank, I was a man of my city, and I'm very fond of him and trusted him! But he found another girl, and
a long time met with her, and I did not even know about it. My heart was broken much! I've been going through because of this betrayal,
but now everything is fine, it's been a long time.
I do not drink alcohol and do not smoke cigarettes! I just do not have any bad habits! But we can have a drink with friends on a glass of champagne
Christmas holidays or a birthday.
My birthday is August 20, and now I'm 27 years old. joe, when is your birthday? By nationality I am Russian girl. My religion is Christianity
I believe in God. I have never been married and have no children. I am sensitive, kind, thoughtful, cheerful, purposeful and sociable
girl. I think the most important thing to me is that I am a great optimist! :)
I also want to tell you about the city where I live! My city called Novosibirsk. It is 3,000 kilometers from Moscow. Novosibirsk -
one of the most beautiful cities in Russia. And I love your wonderful city! In our city many beautiful streets and attractions.
joe, you probably know that in Russia it is often cold, and our weather makes people dress in very warm clothes! tell me
about the weather in your town!
My favorite season - it's summer! When a very bright sun and hear the birds singing! Summer always inspires me! joe, you love summer?
I studied at the Novosibirsk State Medical University. AND
finished it in 2010, it was in university, I learned well
English, and can speak it with no problems. Additionally I learned German, but not as well as English.
Unfortunately, I was not able to continue his medical career because here in Russia, as in many other countries, it is very hard to find
good job on a specialty. And now I work as a waiter in a cafe, although the specialty I pediatrician. Recently, I was working in the store Mexx,
but unfortunately we closed the store, I was selling clothes. One day, I want to start
to work in their specialty. I love helping people and I think that definitely will achieve his.
I did not think I could tell you so much! ;) joe, I end this letter, and I shall be grateful if you also tell me about your life!
And tell me about the town where you live, I've never been to Europe! I was
Only in the Crimea on the Black Sea! I will be very glad to learn about your country more.
My friend, I forgot to tell you that my weight is 53 kg and my height is 173 centimeters! :)
I'll add your photos, and I hope that you find them attractive! :)
joe, I hope very soon to see your answer!
Yours faithfully,
Your new Russian friend, Ekaterina.
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Good day!How are you doing today?

I view your profile and you to me steel interesting,

I would like to learn you as it is possible closer.

I have decided to write to you. you can call me Ekaterina.

I can inform also that I the nice and good-looking girl with good sense of humour

I like different a kind of sports, I like to float in pool

I also send you the photo, Inform me as receive it, Okey?

I want to find the man worthy, decent for warm attitudes.

With impatience I shall wait for your letter

Ekaterina, Take care,

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Hi my friend ! Thanks for the answer!!
Why did you write a little letter, you have nothing to say about myself, or
you just do not want to have intercourse with me? If so, I do not say it
I will write more to you!
Please, if you are not serious to me! Why do not you chitashe my letter, I do not want to say why the Russian man. Katy
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Hello my friend,
I am glad to receive your answer again! I am very interested to read your letter, thanks to them we learn more of each other!
My friend, you probably want to know about the nature and purpose of our correspondence? I want to tell you I decided to get acquainted through
Internet thanks to my friend Anna, which one year ago, met a foreigner Leon, as I have already told you about this earlier.
maybe in the future we will be together and I want you to know that marriage for me is very important! For you it is also important?
If we think about it, we have to approach it rationally and wisely, because marriage is a lot more! I hope you
I agree with me, and this fact is also important for you, Please tell me about it, okay? But I also like you think we should
to know more about each other!
My dearest friend, I want to tell you about my family. My family is the most common, and it is composed of people like my mother Elena,
Stas my dad and my younger sister Irina (Now 22 year).
My mother works as a saleswoman in a store, and my dad is an engineer at the plant. My sister Irina university student, she is studying for a lawyer.
Our family lives without scandals and conflicts, we have a very good relationship and understanding of each other! Our parents gave us good
education and I am very grateful to them for that. I am very happy and proud of my parents! I also want to tell you that I live with my family in one
apartment. And I think that parents need to know about my acquaintances! And of course, I told them about you, I told them that you're a good
a man, and they are very positively responded to our meeting! I have a very happy family, and my parents really want me to find myself
a decent man and was happy with it!
I told you, I work as a waiter in a cafe. I am very interested to learn more about your work, , and what you
do in your spare time? In my free time I go out with my friends for a walk in the city, we also love to sit together
in cafes, going to the cinema, theater or museum. I like to learn new things and to know the history of their city. I love to visit the city of festivals, there
always a lot of fun and the people in our city are very friendly. My city has a great history and I will ever tell you about it.
I enjoy spending time with my friends, especially my best friend Anna. It is like a sister to me! Anna, as I worked
a waiter in a cafe. I also want to say that Anna and Leon are now in Kazan. Anna visited Leon in Austria, she went there for
to understand exactly whether they like each other !!! And I remember very well how Anna was happy at the time. They lived together as much as 2 months in Austria.
And then they drove us here in Russia that would have introduced Anna Leon with his parents, and now they are all well! They are very happy together,
and they love each other, I was even a little jealous of them! :) In my free time we meet and walk together, we have a lot of fun! And we became very
good friends! I've already told you, I regret to say I have never been in other countries. All the time I'm just
your country and in your city! :) Of all the cities where I was, most of all I liked the city of St. Petersburg. It is a pity that I have not got a photo
of this city. It is the most beautiful and the most beautiful city in Russia.
I have to finish my letter and I hope that we will continue our conversation, and you can tell me much more about yourself!
And in turn, I will try to tell as much about me! And I'm trying to put my letter every part of yourself that you could
better than I know and understand!
joe blow I hope you will understand my questions, and the responses to them. I want to know more about your country, please tell me about your family,
of your friends. "HI" to you from my family, and by Anna with Leon as well. I hope to see your reply soon. Till ...
Take care ...