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Greetings the my dear friend xxx!!!!

I hope, what you not against if I name you my friend? I very much would like to name you so!

You become for me the best friend, and I look forward mail from you!

Our correspondence proceeds, and with each new message we become is more close to each other!!

And it is a lot of to learn from us. :)! It gives me great pleasure, and I am grateful for attention to me :).

How there is your day?

Today I had blase day on work and is a little tired. Despite it I am very happy, because we have found new

partners and have concluded the contract on cooperation. And now my wards will receive the good sponsor's help to the pension.

Today I thought what to write in the new message more, to tell about myself more.

I have recollected some Russian known statements!!!

The first: "the Man loves eyes, and the woman - with ears"

I hope, that you have understood its sense :)

If to translate it in English, it will appear: the Person falls in love with the woman through its beauty,

and the woman loves, when in its gentle ears speak many gentle words. I think in your country there is a phrase with similar sense :).

I always to observe and care about the beauty. I have already written to you, that on a regular basis I am engaged

in sports meets, and I have an active way of life.

I do not smoke a cigarette, and I do not drink strong alcoholic drinks. You have possibly heard about that

that in Russia to drink vodka much. Yes it is so. But I not to concern to such people!

I Prefer natural juice and water :)

Certainly I do not use drugs!

At a leisure I like to go in park to walk with a dog and to breathe fresh air, or to go to cinema.

Sometimes we go for driving with girlfriends on the fads, or we float in pool.

Still I have a dream to jump with a parachute! I think that in it many pleasure.

Sometimes I dream to go on a yacht to the sea, I already wrote to you that my daddy

to be the engineer and itself to build a yacht and we to go with it to the sea much.

But it not for a long time. And on it I to dream that if to go with the beloved on

I a yacht together it very romantically :).! I that the woman it am beautiful also

fragile to create the nobility the god. But in my country speak so if the woman to love, it and a horse at full tilt can stop. :)!!

It means, that if the woman to love on the present the man it is ready on all for it!! And sometimes its acts very much surprise.

The woman seems to me, that not only should look well, but also and be able execute all in a life. My mum has studied me to everything, that the woman should be able make.

I cook very tasty food:)

Possibly, I can prepare for you the Russian dish.

You love what culinary dish more?

I use in various dishes and in various quantity, but it does not influence my body. It is probable, because I constantly burn down calories in a sports room :).

I love Russia, and all life have leadership here.

Many my girlfriends leave abroad and speak, it lives there better.

They have created a family with men of the foreigner and do not regret.

Now in me there is a big desire to create a family. Certainly, while early to speak about it because we should make the big way to each other. But I would like to know very much. And how you to concern to creation a family?

I with impatience will wait your new message!!!!!!!!

I wish successful day!!!!!!

Yours the Russian friend Anna.