Scammer Inna Sisoykina Inna

33 / 34 in 2015
said to be in Kirovo village. Probably Berdyansk
Kirovo village, Donetsk region

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Id, address and name check with
Name and internal passport ID number do not match, according to Allrussian, quoting a Ukraine Ministry official. The address does not exist, apparently. No number 25 in that street.
The photographs are the same as those used for the profile of - search on for that email, as there is a report under that ID.

Moneygram know something, as they rejected a transfer that was attempted. The lady might suggest Unistream as an alternative. Such a transfer worked.
Maybe the name is correct, as an account number (using this name) in PrivatBank was provided for a transfer. Is PrivatBank even working in Donetsk oblast at present?

The ID is photoshopped. The photos too. No EXIF data.
The lady says that she does not know English, but quickly learns from the language teacher. When a bit annoyed on the phone she will slip into rather better English for complaint purposes.

She insists that her ID is good and valid.

Because Kirovo village is in the disputed territory, she will say that it is not safe to visit her there, and nor can she get out until there is peace again. Rather convincing, really.

Uses some of the same letters as ballerinkinka, at least to begin with. Will be in love with you by letter 4. Probably you will get unique letters `from the translator` once you are really on the hook.
Search for "" in email headers as an extra clue.

If you ask to send something to her by mail, she will nominate her good friend in Berdyansk to receive it, who will then carry it to `Kirovo` for you.

Good luck. Keep your heart, and money, safe!

check profile on ID 616012
still in use on 23oct15
sent message through rbrides from
`translator` is on
Comment #123675
On another site ( is a posting made in May 2015, regarding someone using the email addresses
Uses the name Inna again, but this time in Osipenko village, Berdyansk region.
Some of the same letters; same story.
Aparently using some of the same photos as `Inna from Kirovo`. Apparently using the same passport number EH806000 as `Inna from Kirovo` but with a different picture and altered text.
There is, it seems, another spelling of the family name. Both Sisoykina and Susoykina are used.