Scammer anna Nikonenko anna

Karla Libknehta st., 132-a

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Comment #125096
We are greeting you in services of InterEastTranslations!

Excuse us, you didn't understand us in proper way! We are
informing you from name of miss Anna that she is not in
position to continue translations services going now and she
hopes you will support your relations. Anna hopes at your
help with translations fees here so that you will get in
touch further! You is very important man for miss Anna.

We are ready to send you our conditions and prices as for
refreshing account with miss Anna. Lady is very sad and
asking every day about news from your side here. Tell us,
please, what should we pass to miss Anna?

With all best and sincere wishes,
manager Arina Hripova,
staff of InterEastTranslatio
Comment #125097
I cannot get where are you and days are so hard without your lines. I
cannot write you long, I only home you are OK? Why still nothing from
you? Doesn't you miss me, honey??

I miss you here so much and most of all hopes you will reply me, I
pray you will let is to be connected sooner!

All is still serious between us?

Anna, yours!
Comment #125347
this scammer pops up every 3 months with more emails ...its been going on for several years
Comment #125661
another message popped up again >>>>>

Good day my honey,

miss you a lot!

Sorry for not answering to you for so long, don’t think that I forgot
about you! The situation got worse out here, we even had to spend one
night hiding in the cellar as the shooting was pretty close. All the
institutions are temporary closed here, we even had problems with
electricity and water supply. It is rather early to say that
everything has stabilized here, but I managed to find a quite minute
and write to you, cause you mean so much for me! It's so sad that we
loose our communication, I think it's happen because i have some
problem with receiving my salary , due to the situation in our country
and just can't filled up my account in translation bureau. I want to
apologize to you for involving you in my financial problems, I hardly
saved something for sending you this letter, but I don’t want to lose
you no way! But all of this time I feel some hope to receive some
words from you.. but you keep quiet...

So I decide to write to you first..I'm really interested to continue
our communication and meet with you . I just don't know how busy I can
be at this moment... But I hope we find the way to meet each other in
real life.. Of course if both of us want it..

I wish you to swim in oceans of pleasant dreams.

Comment #146355
another email just arrived after a few years

Hello my love,

I miss you so much and ask to write you this letter in credit ;) as
for me , it is very important to have you in my life, I miss you and
want to write to you every day I want have your letters that I want to
see you and you feel sure you also wants the same

I love you , Ana Ba - heb -bak Mine " sinua rakastan , Je t'aime , Ich
liebe Dich , Kimi o ai shiteru - can you say these words in any
language , but it always depends on the meaning you give those words .
What is love to me , may be for you all That may sound strange , but
that's how I feel ... I want find friend, because it is really very
difficult to find a good friend in this world , and you find that you
are the luckiest because a friend indeed ' ll share with you all goods
and evils , and the friend will never lie to you and 'll always
respect him . I want to find a father , because anyway everywoman is
looking for the man who has some common characteristics with her
father and that is why every woman wants to be cherished and pampered
. Because I want a strong family. I am looking for a perfect lover .
Because , like all young I love sex and I think that sexuality is also
very important in our lives . I love adventures ..))

kiss, Anya