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Kazan Russia

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Hello my love xxx!!!

Thanks you for your letter. Please excuse me for my delay. I could not write to you earlier. At me now it is a lot of work before holiday.

My dear, please do not apologize before me. You have not offended me. I perfectly understand all. We adult people, also should appreciate all risks. I understand, that it is difficult to you to trust me because you did not see me in a reality.

But I am ready to prove to you the decency and sincerity to you. I shall make everything, that you ask me, that you to me would believe. My dear I has made a copy of the passport as you and asked. I hope now you to me completely trust. But I wish to tell to you, that it is my official and a personal paper. Please remove a copy after you look. And not to whom it do not show. You understand me?

My dear, I wish to tell to you, that I cannot find not what money. I hoped, that to me will give the salary, but to us detain the salary.

I as wish to tell to you, that before my holiday there was not enough time, and I already now need to pay money in travel agency. You understand me? I hope, that you at once will go to the western union as soon as you receive my letter.

I very strongly love you, and I wait for day when we shall meet you.

With love, Alena

Hello my love xxxx!!!

How you have celebrated Christmas? I hope to you it was pleasant.

My dear I it is very strong missed under your letters. I did not receive from you the letter some days. And I am sad. I understand, that you could not write to me earlier because you there was a Christmas, and you did not work. But now the Christmas has ended, and I hope you to me will write. I as hope, that you can go today to the western union, and can send me of money. I need to pay urgently money now.

I very strongly love you.

I would like to talk to you in msn.

I shall wait for your letter.

With love, Alena.

Hello my dear friend xxx!!!

Is very happy to receive the new letter from you. How you? How your weather?

How mood? I hope all well. It was very interesting to read through your letter.

The truth it is difficult for me to understand some phrases a little, but I try to understand all.

I hope my English language also not awfully, and you understand, what I write? I write to the worst in English than, I speak.

I find out English language at university also studied on rates of 6 months. I hope, that all my diligence to be useful for something. But I am assured, that absolutely soon I shall know English in perfection.

Computer in me - not existing and consequently it is necessary to use a computer of the girlfriend. Sometimes I use a computer in the Internet of cafe.

I have finished university 2 years ago. I have studied at university of 5 years. And now I work in the seller as the adviser in firm shop. Certainly I work not by the trade. But I like my work.

However I wish to continue to speak with you about me directly. My hobbies are probably interesting to you.

I very much like to read, I love science fiction and in general the imagination of any directions is simple.

The truth now at me is not present a lot of free time. All basic time I spend on work.

I wish to inform you, that I like to prepare on kitchen. I think, which each girl should can prepare. I remember a good phrase, that a way to close to the man passes through his a stomach. I would be very happy to be prepared for my fine person for the tasty foodstuffs every day. My favourite dish - a borshch and a vegetative ragout. As I like to prepare for various meat dishes. I in general like to experiment on kitchen.

I like to spend my free time with my friends. I have many friends, they dear to me, they similarly to brothers and sisters for me. To me easy to communicate with my friends because I the open person, and we have no secrets from each other.

I conduct an active and healthy way of life. I love sports, is frequent visit fitness and a swimming pool, I very much like to float. Probably in the last life, I was a fish. And you love sports? If yes, you are engaged in what kind of sports? I wish to ask, which you liked to dance? I like to dance very much.

We with my girlfriends sometimes go to dance in a disco. And sometimes we go to cinema.

Probably you would like find out what men to I like.

In general I love strong self-assured people. Are cleverly rich with which it is interesting to communicate. Concerning me the important common sense of humour, but not also! I think what to joke, it is necessary, can.

From my future person I wait care and love. That he which in what me did not limit the most important and interested to understanding.

In this case I shall give him all which in me is, and I shall be always true for him. I do not love, when in me shout!

And most of all do not like to lift a voice. It is better to discuss all easy with understanding instead of to number.

These are little bit more information concerning me: my favourite color red, my birthday on January, 21st.

When your birthday? You loved color?

I suspect it, I shall finish the letter, and me besides time have already arrived to go.

With impatience I with impatience wait to receive news from you, I hope, it will be fast.

My best regards to you and your family.

Air kiss.

Sincerely yours Alena.