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she gets her best friends name wrong too

It is very pleased to see your letter

Craig. In the morning before work

I drove Sharik to veterinary clinic. It was vaccinated.

It is easy for me to communicate with you. It feels as if we

know each other all our lives. I'll come to trust you. You probably

wondering why I was left without a husband? I met my husband when

I was still at university. I was only 20 years old. We had it all

well, we loved each other. He cared for me beautifully. He gave almost

flowers every day. He spoiled me presents. I studied. He was always

close around and helped me. After graduation, I went to get a job

to the hospital. My husband opened the business. He hired workers engaged in repair

machines. we all was well until Anastasia is not a year old.

He went to my best friend Irina, with whom we studied together at the

School and worked together. I trusted her as my own sister. I

introduced her to my husband. At our wedding, she was a girlfriend

bride in Russia it is called the witness. Once I came

from work early, and found them in bed ... And my daughter

Anastasia, they were locked in another room. I was terrified. I had

dark in my eyes, I almost fainted. I did not know what to

do. I could not talk or breathe. I silently took my daughter and left

to Mom. I did not pick up my things. I do not know why I tell it

you. To be honest, I never told anyone this. Even my mother does not know

this. I tell you this because it is easy to me now. I found you

and let the past go. Hopefully in the future this will not happen again.

I could not bear such a betrayal again. I am sad now because I have to go home ...

when I write you a letter it seems that you are near !!! See you soon :)!!!


Craig ! Good afternoon !!! Today I was in a hurry when I was going to work.
I was anxious to see your letter. I'm glad that you wrote today.
My friend came to my house yesterday evening after work. Her name is
Anna. She is my best friend. We have not seen for a long time and yesterday we
long spoke . I told her about you and me. Anna asked me to send you
greetings from her. Has long wanted to ask you? Do you have a detrimental
habits? I myself do not smoke. Alcohol is used only in the company's
holidays. Of course, I will not mind that you will have harmful
habit, but everything should be the measure. I believe that because many families crumbling
consequence of alcohol consumption. As this is bad
impact on the education of children. Children look to adults and in
future themselves repeating adult's mistakes! Do you have a hobby?
Spend some free time!? I try to spend more time with
my child. We love to go to the village to my grandmother. I like
countryside life. We bathe in the river, collecting berries and mushrooms in the woods.
We ride a bike. In winter, ice skating and skiing. I like
going to the gym. I'm trying to keep one's figure. I like
active rest. I always encourage people to do so. I help my grandmother with
housework. She has a large vegetable garden, cow and chicken. She taught
me love and cherish nature. I forgot to tell you. At home I have a
dog. His name is Sharik. I found him on the street. He was all dirty,
he had a wound on his back . He was very thin and hungry.
I could not pass by and decided to shelter it. He is very kind and gentle dog. To me
it is time to work. I'll wait for your letter. Tatiana.

and also claims to be very poor as you'll see in this example

Craig you have no idea how I am glad to your answer. I'm in very

good mood. I'm glad that you understand me and your intentions to me are

serious. Now I know that I have a good friend. Even though we are far from each

other. Today is a very hard day at work ... As I said, I

I work in a local hospital ... I have a lot of work. Since I'm one

sometimes I need to earn. I get a call from nearby villages,

to do massage for adults and small children. Sometimes

people whose children I do massage do not give me money. They give me meat, milk,

potatoes. All what they are rich. I can not refuse them. Many

children have problems with backbone. Without my professional treatment,

children are poorly developed. Many do not have the money, and asked me for help.

My mother brought me up so that it is necessary to help people! I

like my job! I have many times been invited to work at the clinic in

Moscow. Luring big salary. But the money in life is not

the main thing. I hope that you have the same opinion. And I've never lived in a big

city. I think the big cities spoil people! I want to learn how about your life?

Now I have to go to work. In a minute the

patient will come. I have to finish the letter. It makes me feel

sad. When I am writing you a letter as if you were next to me. And

Now I must go and I say goodbye to you till tomorrow Craig. Tatiana

so I asked her how she paid for all her cosmetic enhancements

she avoided that line of questioning
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I haven't heard back from this scammer since I told her I could never love another mans child, and that I hate fake bosoms and women that wear far too much makeup, and I asked her why she didn't steal someone better lookings' photos...that was about 10 days ago
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This is same scammer using these pictures from different email address!
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She says too Anastasiya