Scammer Doroty Lichote Doroty

32/ August 8th
Australia. Melbourne, Nicholson st. 12, box 3000

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Comment #123539
wheres the source of the emails ??looks east euro or russian
Comment #123669
She's now going by the name Aya. Email address, Stupid bitch is still using that same email below as her opener & that picture with the orange top as hook & bait. Scammers must hate google image, it finds them pretty fast. I may have to scam bait this one too, just for a laugh. Good timing as I just doped a bomb on my last three. (but without letting them know they're all over the net) we do want to educate these scammers.
Comment #123880
новый почтовый адрес Ая
Comment #123960
scammers like reflected photos in mirrors so you cant google check the image so beware of that ruse ,you see that a lot
Comment #124236
fraudster with bogus address ,unlkely to be in melbourne so check the origins of the emails , a box number sounds odd ,trying to cover their tracks for the purposes of fraud