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st petersburg
not known emailed out of the blue

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This person about 3 weeks ago sent me a message in my mail,today sent a second.I don't know from where she know me and even fewer know from where she has taken my email.Front of me she presented by Oksana,also she wrote to me from another email.Her email is:/
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In the next letter I I'll write a little more. I have never corresponded not acquainted through the Internet.
I am very happy that you wrote to me my new friend.
I am writing to you with a mailbox, which is my personal and
if you want to answer, I'll wait for your letter here. My
best friend, Anna found herself a husband through the Internet. That's her
He advised me to apply to the Internet agency. I'm looking for love and
I do not want to play feelings. I only want a serious relationship without
deception and games. Once again, I repeat. What I first in correspondence through
A computer with a man and I do not worry a lot. I want you to write
a little about myself: My name is Oksana. I am 30 years old. I live in Russia
the beautiful city of Saint Petersburg. I'm looking for happiness in this life. I want
meet your soul mate, because man can not live alone. In
I already had a sad experience in building relationships. But nothing
good came, I was very painful wound through the heart. And I did not
want more wrong, and suffer. I Want to meet a man,
who will love me, respect and appreciate every moment held
together. I work in a shop for the sale of used cars.
I have my own studio apartment,
but I live with her parents and younger sister.
We have a two-bedroom apartment, so there is enough space for everyone.
My parents have already retired. I live with my parents to help them.
We have a very good relationship with my parents. I trust them in everything,
they have a very good and open people. I listen to the advice
your parents. I also give advice to her younger sister. Her name is
Nina. She goes to school. I help her to do homework. I hope, that you
answer to my letter, and we will continue our acquaintance. I understand that
between us is a big difference in language, culture and country. But I believe that
this should not prevent us. You will be interesting to learn more about me
my country its customs. And I'm curious to know more about you. I write
you a letter via Google translator. But I'm a fast learner. I was learning
English language school and a little know him. I hope this is not a problem for
us. I will help you help to learn my language and you help me. I think it's
it will be interesting))) to study each other. I think that the main thing in humans
not outside, but inside. Most importantly some inner peace. I think that
we will not have problems with our acquaintance, it will be very interesting.
I have long put off their savings. I have enough
money to visit another country. But now to talk about it more
too early. I hope that I was able to write this letter my
intent and purpose in life. I'm going to wait for your letter. I hope in
we will succeed. I send you my photo. In the next letter I
I'll write a little more.
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Now i noticed that this lady wrote to me from various emails:
Comment #150226
Esta operando aún con el nombre de Ludmila, alias Luda correo