Scammer natalija dontsova natali

age:28. birth date: in passport 15jun1986 , in dating site 22july1986
380-734375882 , old number: 380-6342280072
kharkov region
Izyum ukraine
ukraine, kharkov region, izyum town, pravdi street 47B/33 ZIP COD 64311

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Comment #123446
I joined the dating site about two month ago. Within few days I knew that girl, it was she who initiated and encourage the connection and despite the warning that exists in website , that one mast see her on Skype for being sure that is safety to get involve with her, because of the reason she never really, identified herself anywhere, I just followed my feelings and made a big mistake, the reason I am writing this report to Warne other men to do the same mistake. after a short " love story"{ letter and photos} I agreed to buy her two ways ticket to come to me for a visit at first, than she said that I should buy the ticket through the travel agency she suggest, after I agreed, she said that she doesn't have a passport, so I had to pay for the passport, all together was 775u.s. dollars which I sent, through western union. when time for fling arrived, she said that she could not fly because all her documents were stolen at the way to airport, and now she can not I had to pay more 435u.s.dollars,and the second time she said that she could not fly, because she is on a black list on the bank, and until she want clean that debt of 2000u.s.dollars,she will not be able to get out of the this point I stop contact with that girl. again I want to say that the reason I am reporting this only to warn other men, from young , beautiful girls that " fall in love " writhen three days.
Comment #123465
its a sure sign they are scammers when they want more and more payments ,so get out after the first payment before losing any more.they always bleed the john for as much as they can