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James, Powell
Lagos Nigeria

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Posing as a college graduate looking for love, Elizabeth James wooed me into having feelings and
confidence in her sincerity. And since she contacted me in August, she has bilked me out of almost
$40,000USD as well as convinced me to open a bank account so she can make a transfer to me to pay me
back for what I have sent to help her. That was when 3 transfers from three other bank accounts at the
same bank flagged a fraud investigation, which is pending. She claims to be working with a man named
Mike form the US Embassy in Lagos. She sent a scanned copy of her passport showing her as a british
citizen and has even talked with me several times on the phone--as have Mike. She claimed she was
working with the lawyer from her deceased father's estate here in the states and was wanting me to help
get her to America so she could claim it and we could have a life together as husband and wife, living
comfortably on her inheritance. I have multiple Western Union transfer numbers to supply for the
inviestgation. And recently within the last week, she has had me send $700 of what was deposited into my
bank account to a person in Egypt, claiming to be paying off a debt or making a purchase. The reasons for
the money range from lodging expenses to food to medical bills to legal fees for 2 alleged car crashes to
paying the fees for plane tickets and passport papers. There was mention of Mike buying a PS3 for his
son from Sears and having it sent to me to forward on to him, but nothing ever came. Now, allegedly, she
is in a local jail because the accounts the lawyer there in Lagos had her transfer from were fraudulent--and
I am left here with the results of that. I have my credit cards maxed out and am trying to deal with the
mess that has created as well as the fraud investigation stemming from the bank account transferrs. She
has used multiple email addresses: and

Having tracked her IP with the following 2 results,
I have since received a scanned image of a cashiers check from her, trying to convince me she is legit,
but when I called the bank in Iowa which the check was drawn on, I was informed the the remitter's name
(Ryan Burns) and the woman's name that was signed (Kristin Hickman) were well known forgeries used
to try to defraud that particular bank (Earlham Savings Bank in Des Moines, Iowa) and was asked if I
could get the check to them. When I spoke with Liz about it, I was informed she still had the check and I
told her what I had been informed of by the bank. She said she would bring it with her.
But when she allegedly made it Arkasas, her plane had trouble (second time it happened and identical to
the first time she alleged making it to that airport) she said her luggage was randomly searched (despite
going directly from one airport to another and the fraudulent check was discovered. She has since
claimed that the FBI along with local police are detaining her in Arkansas and because of the international
check fraud, and my telling her to bring it at the bank's request, she informed me that the FBI saw me as
a suspect and threatened with a search of my home. After saying it was not going to be allowed without
proper search warrants and such, I called my local FBI Field office in Los Angeles and was on the phone
with a very nice woman who informed me of the FBI's p[olicy regarding this matter (they do not follow a
suspect out to another location since they do not allow the suspect to go anywhere while they are a
suspect) and she also informed me that I should contact the Secret Service for this matter as it involves
international check fraud. I still have the scanned image of the check as well as the chat logs containing
the threats and am wanting to submit them but do not know where to submit this additional information.