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Zaporizhzhya Ukraine

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I met Viktoria on Elena's Model's website. We exhanged letters and she asked me to come to Ukraine. I agreed. She told me she found a flat for $80/night but I found my own accomodations for $45/n. She refused my accomodations saying that I can't trust pictures I find on internet so best to let her find one for me. She then told me she found a flat for $50/night. I agreed.

I arrived to Zaporozhye and she greeted me by taxi. I was to stay for one week. We went to eat and the bill was enormous. We went to supermarket to buy food for my stay and she asked if she could purchase some things for her flat. I agreed and she chose only the most expensive things. I'm generous and didn't really suspect anything at this point. She dropped me off at the flat and made arrangements to meet the next morning.

The next morning things began to be questionable. She greeted me and was joined by her "cousin" and immediately told me that her landlord called and she had to move in two days. We went to breakfast and she began searching the classified ads. I paid for breakfast and the bill was enormous. We proceeded to view possible variants for an apartment and spent the whole day in a taxi and after, went to eat at the same restaurant as the night that I arrived. The bill was nearly identical...and the taxi charge was enormous.

This same routine continued for four days. We only went to two restaurants and the bills were identical each time...even after ordering less. The taxi charges were also nearly identical even on days when we did little driving. Her "cousin" was with us always. The restaurant charges were always 1000 UAH and the taxi charges were always 800-1500UAH.

I protested the fees and paying out so much money because I am a 5 star rated Executive Chef and wanted to cook for her...I'm also not keen on spending whole days in the taxi and asked to just have quiet time with her...walking, talking, maybe a movie, etc...but was denied.

In one week I spent about 10 000 UAH on taxi charges and nearly 10 000 UAH on restaurants.

When I arrived home she put her profile back up on the Elena's website and I protested. She told me she put it up for a 'friend' who was married and didn't want her husband to find her looking for another man. Now Viktoria's profile is down and and her cousin Irina's profile is up. I've copied this letter to the Elena's website. Avoid her.

First Letter...
I am very happy to receive your letter. I read your profile and the letter carefully. I wish to be sincere with you – you like me also you interest me much.
You have so many hobby of interests. Your life is very various.
I love it, you such solving person. I will be happy to meet you in a real life because I think that a meeting better than the correspondence. As we speak Russian: «it is better to see 1 time, than to hear 100 times». Besides a meeting – the best possibility to know each other is better.
Allow me to inform you more concerning me directly. I have been born also live all my life in Zaporozhye – in Ukraine. It - very good city also would like what to have chance what to show it to you in the future. I live with my mother and the father. I continue my education at university – department of management of tourism.
I love various tendencies in music. I would be happy to visit concerts of various executors. I have visited a concert in the life only once, but would visit it is more. I had many impressions.
To hear life music – not the same how to listen cd when you hear music in live execution that you can feel soul of a song …
My weakness – my love to animals, they are our remarkable friends. I very much love horses. They are smart also the kind. I would like to study riding lessons. I the same would like to study an underwater swimming and to look a stock the world. I am assured that it can to bring many impressions and excitements!
I would dream what to meet the serious, romantic, passionate person, the one who has sense of humour and feels that he is ready to establish family.
I am serious in the intentions and I am not interested by Internet games. I search for my assistant to soul – I believe that he searches for me as – let's take this chance what to find out, whether we search each other. I like you very much and I will be ready to answer all your questions.
I search for the senior person because I wish to be happy in marriage is only with the person who I can probably estimate love, care, attention which I will give to it – only the wise and mature person can do it!
Expectation of your answer.

In the taxi on the first night she told me she was from Berdyansk, not Zaporozhye, and that she studies to be a lawyer. I asked her about tourism and she said no.