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I have been receiving email from this person for months."she" always says she can't read my email replies. Now I know why. Thi sis a scam from the same people that bring up "" and "" DNC Holdings in Metairie, LA.The emails are all formatted similarly, and have the same excuses. They want you to go to a certain website to chat with them. When you click on the link, it takes you to another site altogether. Even when you type the link in it redirects you. Thsy are adult pay sites and that person cannot be found by the username they gave you. Beware! Do not sign up for any of these. Do Not Reply to the emails.
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I have experanced the same as below!
Comment #127802
I found the same thing for weeks I was getting emails from check her email address β€”> FUCKING SCAMMER!!!
Her new email address
NOW she wants a date with me. She claims that she is renting a basement in a house in Downtown Rochester, I'm a Realtor in Rochester and their is only ONE multifamily house in Downtown Rochester and it's Michigans State Senators Mike Bishops old house and it's currently bank owned and vacant!!!
This chick is from over seas. This is nothing but a fucking SCAM!!!!!
If she writes to you
Tell Evemax to FUCK OFF!!
Her emails are NOT scrambled!!!
She can see everything! EVERY FUCKING PERSON FROM β€œ”
I've already been SCAMMED OUT OF $200,000.00 USD!!!! From FUCKING SCAMMERS & Wire Fraud from FUCKING terrorists!!!
And now I'm fucking broke!!
Tell them to FUCK OFF!!
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Eve, Has been trying to contact me for well over a month! And in reading the others experiences with this person, everyone seems to have the exact same issues that I have. What I find rather frightening is that all of these woman share the same email address at different times. I'm tired of being sought out by all of these freaking SCAMMERS AND EXTORTIONISTS!!! When you come across information or when seem to go out of their way to reach you, don't even bother calling your local law enforcement, because their is absolutely nothing that they can do! Instead call the US HOMELAND SECURITY and report it to them. They have a longer and stronger jurisdiction over this kind of out right illegal behavior. The front desk for the Detroit Michigan's office is +1 (313) 226-0501, please gather as much information about them as you can. Be prepared to give them a time line, and hard copies of every single correspondence that the two of you have had. It is extremely important that you include the header of every single email that you have received from these people. One thing I noticed that they all have in common, anyone that is using the domain @mailstudio are SCAMMERS they all share the exact same script when they attempt to contact you. It's incredibly mind boggling to see that each and everyone of these individuals that are connected to all share the exact same script… verbatim!! The only way that you're going to stop it is to simply block these individuals and do not talk to them. And whatever you do and less you have met the person in a face-to-face meeting do not under any circumstance is no matter how trusting they may seem to you do not send them any money!!! DO NOT SEND THEM ANY MONEY FROM ANY OF THE COMPANIES LIKE MONEYGRAM, OR WESTERN UNION!! Instead, Call Both of those companies and make a formal complaint with those companies and tell them that you suspect that they are attempting to SCAM YOU OUT OF YOUR MONIES!! 

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Wow, the same eve. I've created a profile of another individual who is black and uses the same email address,