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Sherry Shery
Nigeria, LaFayette, GA
Lagos, Nigeria; LaFayette, GA

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Hi again ...
I got your message Thank for mail contact . Am new here today I just joined the site to meet and to love for life. As for me age is nothing just a number. Am open my mind to any depending sharing man who cares and want me for good and to meet together for real
I'm sherry living presently in Nigeria ...I wish to come over and spend good days with you as to have fun and pleasure together to make each other happy.or if you will like to go deep in our relationship may be to get married or any other thing as intimate friends .I'm just 28 years single and never married..I send for you my picture don't have many pictures if you will like it. hope to know your opinion here

Regard.. Sherry


Good to read from you am new here i just join the site to meet and to love for real i do wish to meet you,actually you know why i join this site and i know why you join the site, the site is for sex, whether you put picture or no, it doesn't matter how you look like. i am from Lafayette Georgia here in US. i also write and understand English. i am a
relaxed person I really don't have a clue what I want yet..not until we meet in person .. Im very grateful for the life I do have and don't complain about what I don't have.i'm here to make sex for good ,change of environment and have sex partner for exposure to get me more experience...

you're the first member to meet here that talk so sweet and i really want to enjoy my fun with you, having pleasure together and make each other enjoy for fun
I'm thinking that being with you will be the best thing i never experience if you have the same mind with me.Age is nothing to me but just a number..i believe we can have many things to talk once we are together.

really hoping to come around and spend a nice days together with you this will depends on how many days you will like me to spend with you...with you as to have fun and pleasure together to make each other happy and get closer .or if you will like to go deep in our relationship may be to get married as i said earlier or more for fun life? am still single since i have break up with my ex boy friends due to his attitude towards me then have not get marry since then

I hope we can be intimate friends to meet and you can able to tell me how your country look likes?
let me know what you think if you care and we can arrange the meeting this weekend or as quick as you might decide would be my pleasure too.

looking forward to read from you
Hugs Sherry


Thank you very much ...

I got your lovely respond, it will be a pleasure to be together with you stay in your lovely arms.. Enjoy each other with much fun joy, and take a walk around town together
really make my heart beat fast as I'd like to see you give you blow job, suck you for more than hour and make you happy all time , ..I will want to swim with you and suck each other inside pool or on the beach every second cum while I suck your cock and You suck my breasts and cum in my mouth and do the same to you..lols

I promise to give you the blow job for more than hour, keep your cock hard and make you cum in my mouth, even eating my pussy so I give you blow jobs which means that we have 69 style of sex, so you suck my
breasts while I suck your cock and play with my nipples regarding as your taste also new sexual styles you might wish

Well I just check for the cost of my flight from Lagos airport to you at ... Airport , via KLM airline sees it as good and safest airline, after I make enquiries from my flight agent it goes with different price that there's some of €950, 1150,1350euro respectively

Denmark I hope you will bear the cost of my flight to you ... let me know how to do this in time to know my faith and for me to get prepare..again I would send for you all my flight schedule for you to know the details ... so let me how we should arrange meeting so I can send you my information to get money over to me via Western with my necessary information and get the ticket booking

Dear, you can give me your phone number where we can communicate again
Here is my phone number where you can be able to call me to talk to each other +2347060469324

I'm trying to attach some cute more pictures of me for you again, I will appreciate your support and kindness towards my safety arrival with you shortly

I will wait for you to know how it goes for the price ticket shortly

so I prepare for the rest expenses soon

Kisses Sherry