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She come onto Skype and asked if we could be friends 4 weeks ago.
She sent photos etc and i sent some to her
She emailed me with a load of rubbish
Thats how i was suspicious
She said she was in the US army serving in Afghanistan.
Sent photos of her in uniform
A few days ago she said she had $2 million to get out of the country and a Diplomat would email me.
He emailed me and i played along knowing it was a scam
Yesterday he emailed me and said he was in Ghana and would need £120 to get the parcel through customs
I refused and told her no way would i pay money for this
This morning she begged me to and when i refused she deleted me from Skype.


She asked me to add her as a friend on SKYPE.I didnt believe anything she said from the start as she was too gushy from the off.She is posing as a Military Officer with the US Army serving in AFGHANISTAN.We have been talking for about 4 weeks.She sent pics which were not genuine.She said she had $2 million that she needed to get out of the country through DIPLOMATIC CHANNELS.I went long with it because I had nothing better to do at the time and knew it was a SCAM.She asked me to contact a diplomat which i did and then the money request started.He said he had picked up the package and was in GHANA delivering other packages but was stuck there at customs.
He emailed me and said he needed £120 to get past customs with the package.
I told her on Skype and she? got upset and went off.
She hasnt deleted me yet but I am now considering whether this should be reported to the FBI or the MILITARY in USA as her documents and some photos could be taken as being genuine.I have all the copies of her emails to me and photos she sent on my my yahoo account(which i dont use my real name on).
I have all of her messages saved off skype from the last couple of days where she started asking for money.
Any comments as to whether she should be reported would be helpful