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i don't have any information about this girl only her email adresse: krasivaya.svetlana she said that she was from russia, she asked me 650 Euro for an assurance after she get a visa, as i said for you in my report, but i forget to attache her photos, and this is her letter for me:
Hello my beloved Mohamed. I don't know how to even begin my letter. I
didn't know how to write this letter, I was very afraid of your
reaction. I was just traumatized. I will now tell you my love is all
there is! I already told you in my last letter, what should I do my
insurance. This insurance is required on the case with me if anything,
will happen in your country. If anything happen to me, then the
insurance company will pay me the money for actual injury. This
insurance has every person who goes to another country. My insurance
is ready!!! After I made the insurance, I immediately went to the
Embassy to go to the Manager of the Embassy to the airport to buy the
tickets for me in your country. This is the Manager of the Embassy was
a beautiful woman. First of all, she began to ask her if my documents.
I said that all my documents ready and I just have to buy tickets. We
talked about many things, and all went well, but when the conversation
happened a big problem, which I did not know before and could not even
imagine. I told the Manager that I should definitely have in your
pocket 680 euro, so I can leave Russia. If I went to another country
on a tourist visa, then I would not need to have cash in your pocket.
But I have a trial work visa. With this visa I need to have in your
pocket necessarily cash. These are the rules. She explained to me that
I have a work visa. Each visa has its own rules. People who leave
Russia on a work visa should be sure to have cash in your pocket. When
I go through customs at the airport and do your registration, I will
need to show cash. This money will confirm that I will be able to
provide for themselves for the first time in your country. The Agency
through which I was doing my papers, should have warned me about this.
But they didn't tell me anything. I didn't know before, is that I'll
have to have the money! Actually, I need to have a 680 euro
definitely. If I don't have the money in your pocket, I don't want to
leave Russia. The money I won't have to pay anyone. I HAVE ONLY to
show THEM to the customs office at the airport. When I learned all
this, I was shocked. I asked the Manager to contact the Agency that I
was doing the paperwork. I asked why they did not warn me about what
I'm going to need the cash to leave the country? The agent said they
warned, because it was specified in my contract that I signed. I guess
I just don't carefully read the contract and rules. I checked the
contract and saw that at one point there is a footnote to the text
which is located below the main. It was written in very small font. I
think they did it on purpose. There really was written that I should
have cash in your pocket. I don't know what I do? But I beg you not to
think I played with you in game. All my intention to you serious.
Before to ask you for help and to write you a letter, I asked for the
help of my parents, my grandmother. But now I got back a letter. My
parents are very upset that they can't help because it is very big
money, and they don't have it! After I received a letter from my
parents and I have not seen any good news, I started crying and my
tears dripped very heavily. I screamed, but why, in all the world is
cruel!!!!!! I don't know what to do. I just don't want to live anymore
in this world, now my heart is once again injured. I don't want to
live in this world again with a broken heart. But why I started to
have a problem half way to you??? I just had to buy tickets and to
Board the plane! Actually I wondered why my tickets are so many. I was
told that I would have to buy two tickets there and back, because I
have a visa with limited speedy action. I told the Manager that I
don't need to have this money because I'm flying to the beloved man.
This beloved man – You're my love Mohamed Manager of the Embassy said
that I have no options. I can't break the law. I already signed the
contract!!! Even if I buy the tickets to you, the customs at the
airport in Moscow will not allow me to leave Russia until I show cash
in your pocket. I really love you and I want to be with you. I want to
start a new life as we had planned with you. We have many dreams for
our future. My heart belongs only to you. I say all this from the
heart. I've spent my life looking for an honest and faithful man. I
now found you in this big world, and I don't want to lose you. I was
very happy that we'll be together soon, but now I don't know if we
would be together. Now between us there's only one problem. It cash.
Our happiness and our future is now shared by only the money. We can't
be together until I have the money in your pocket. I don't know what
to do. I can't be without you. My documents is completely okay and I
can come to you. I really hate to ask you help. Understand that the
more I do not have any options. I understand that this is a very large
sum of money. I know that you are worthy of the man next to you and
I'll be happy. In each your letter I feel your heart and soul. Dear
could you help me or not? The money I'd just need to show customs when
I get on the plane. I don't have to pay this money or who. I'm not
going to spend the money. In this you can be sure. I promise it to
you. Don't get me wrong!!! I saved money for more than one year to
find an honest man. I found you and I promised to come for their
money, but I didn't know that I'll have to have cash in your pocket.
If I knew that, I wouldn't look for another man 1 year, and I'd still
be saving money. But now I found you and I already can't live without
you. I understand that 680 euro is a lot of money, but I can't find
such a large sum of money, I had to ask your help. I pray from the
heart to help me. I understand that it is very big money, but now
money interfere with our meeting. If you can give me the money that I
could arrive to you at a very early flight and as soon as I will
arrive to you, I would immediately at the airport to give you money.
You can't imagine how I wish to arrive to you my love Mohamed. I have
already shed many tears that night. I found you, and I always
cherished you. I'm afraid to lose you. I love you, Mohamed and I only
want to be with you. Now I don't know what to do because our whole
future depends only on you, if you help me, I will thank you with all
my heart and I will arrive the earliest flight. I have enough money
for tickets. But I honestly didn't know what I'll need cash in your
pocket. I am unable to find the money. I would hope only on your help.
I'm writing a letter, and from my eyes the tears flow. My heart is
broken, and I don't know what to do. I understand that this letter
also injure your heart, but I told you the truth!!! in this letter I
want to send you my soft kisses. Let my kisses caressing your body. I
don't know if I can do it when - or whether their first kisses. I with
the big impatience will wait for your answer, I ask you to think
carefully about my problem. We need way to solve this problem. PS. I
understand that on the Internet there are many scams. But please don't
think I want to steal your money, it's not! I'm not. I really am a
real woman and all my intentions to you are serious, I'm not playing
games. I'm not 20 years old to play games. If you want to make sure in
my reality, I can make you a copy of my documents. I ask you to trust
me. I hope that you could believe me and help. I will wait for a
response. With much love, your Svetlana...



I had a relationship with girl named Svetlana says it is from Russia in the suburbs, the city of Kazan ,she sent me many pictures, and write me a lot about her, and she said that she want to leave her work, friend, and country to live with me in Morocco, she said that she get a visa in 3 days, but she hasn't money for assurances, but i know that anyone can get a visa without have put an assurances money before, she asked me to sent her 650 Euro for that, after i know she want to fraud me, So I decided to put a complaint against it in all dating sites about her,
so this is her email address:
she give me her address i don't know if it is right:
Country: Russia
City: Kazan
Street: Gagarina
House: 109
Apartment: 46
Postal Code: 420039