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Tatyana <>
Attachments5 Aug

to me
hello there,whats up ?? i am Tatyana from badoo website,

let me know if it was not mistake ?
i mean you gave me your email there ?

Hello there,its Tatyana,
i am glad to come here again,
so how are you doing there ?
I am fine,just have time and can write a letter for you.
I do not go to badoo where we find each other any more.
I did not put my real name and photo on badoo because few
man asked me for nude pictures and i just protect myself.
I have no special plans for this week,whats about you ?
Do you like to take care of lady ?
I mean to treat lady as your best friend and not as only sexual partner,
but any way the harmony in relations is impossible without
harmony in sexual relations,do you think so ?
I do know how to treat man and how to make him feel special
and i have experience being married,not only words.
Now my aim is not just to marry-i have went throw this already.
As you know every woman wish to marry and could be blind,
and people make a lot of mistakes when they are young,
and we have to pay for our mistakes later,i have paid by my nervous and health.
Any way nothing has been changed inside of my heart and it
is able to love and i am ready for true love,
i never loose hope and i belive there are a lot honest man in this World.
I do belive in Destiny and i know it has something for me also,
so i look on things around me and i put attention on what is going on.
Do you belive in Destiny ?
I have more pictures to send now,
i will send some more pictures with the next letter also.
My parents live in the countryside not far from Kiev,here in Ukraine.
and i do live in the city named Kiev.Yes,all you watched on television
happens exactly here in Kiev and it was not safe place when we had
Maidan problems and fights here,but now its better.
I do ask you not to write about politics a lot because people
become really crazy here and nobody know what is waiting for us in future
and we just hope our future will be nice,so a lot of politics
talks every where,and i am just tired about politics,ok ? :)
I have few girlfriends here also and i proud of them.
i do work as doctor(dentist) for last 7 years
from 8-19 pm every day in private clinic and love my job.
My mesaruments 5'7 tall 125 lbs weight ok for you ?
and that i got divorced last year is ok also ?
we do not have any kids with my ex,would you ?
I am 30 years already but my soul is 18 maximum !
Do you drive ? i have licence but no car now.
What kind of music do you prefer ?
do you like to read ?
i write from Internet cafe because my ex took the computer and car after divorce.
what is your favorite kitchen ? i mean kind of food you like the most.
do you cook ? :)
Do you have a dream ?
something you wish in the close future.
I enjoy popular music,Madonna,r&b,house music.
Well,i need to go.

P.S would you visit here in Ukraine for my birthday 14 of December ?
I hope it will be safe place at least by than !

take care :)

Yours Tatyana
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Hello,its Tatyana here,how are you doing ?
I am little bit tired now and need to sleep,
i had to weak up early so not too much
power now,a lot of work.
what about you my dear ? :)
I wish to make massage for you,
would you like that ?
but first i would have some rest,few days of rest better :)
Do you like massage ? I can do it very well.
Today i brought some more pictures and i will attach them so
you can see it from your end,
i have not told to my friends about you and i am sure
that my co-workers from clinic would be very surprised.
They see some changes in my mood and it became better
because i think about you sometimes during the day
and smile run on my lips :)
Life in Ukraine become really difficult now and our director
trying to do all her best to save the clinic this days,
you know,i belive life will not change here for better way
for at least 10 more years,but i will be old when it happens :)
I hope something will changes here for better way sooner.
As you know i do not like politic talks and i just hope
our country will be saved as Ukraine exactly as i was born
here and my heart suffer for this country and i can not say i
am a patriot too much but it suffer for people who live here
in very difficult situation this days.
I want to tell you about what i want and what i am
looking for in my life.First of all it is not just marriage,
i want to find soul mate to share my life with,
the other half.I belive every one has the second half some where
and the world is in harmony only because there is the balance.
So if you are there,you other half could be any where,
and if you make steps and try to find it,the God will lead
you by the way of Destiny,and you will be happy one day,
because if you are looking for something,
you will find it 100 percent.
My dream is to find the man who is able
to take care of me and to create healthy relations with,
based on Trust first of all.
I gave to my ex the second chance but the
similar situation took a place every time again and again.
Sometime he go to the shop to buy some bread and get lost
for two days,nobody know where is he and every one was nervous
looking for him-but he drunk alcohol in sauna with friends
and sure prostitutes took a part also.
Sorry for this words,but this words is nothing
if you compete it with how bad i felt when friends brought him
home after such as party.
My marriage has made me really more stronger
than i was before,i hope you are one woman man,are you ?
I am the one man lady and that means if i am in relations with
man,i do not looking for any body else if there is a harmony
in our relations,do you understand what i am talking about ?
how do you see the right relations between man and woman ?
By the way i enjoy cooking and i can do it pretty well,
my favorite kitchen is Ukrainian kitchen and i would cook
some delicious food for you if this would ever take a place :)
Do you watch TV ? i like some shows but not enough spare time,
i prefer just to relax or spend time with closes people than
spend it on soap operas and other things.
As you know this morning i read the joke,and i have find it
funny : "if the man always watch TV and lay on the sofa
being in relations with you and do not need anything more,
that means he is really happy " :)
I like to dance but can not go to clubs often because they
work at night and i need to weak up early :)
I love reading and classic literature is my favorite.
Well,i am going home now and will come here soon,
Looking forward to hearing from you my dear,
take care and kiss for you,

thank you for being good listener,

P.S I have some pictures for you :

you can see me my niece and aunty
near the church,
i am going embankment for a walk with my
co-worker,do you enjoy walks ?

Yours Tatyana

Hello dear,its Tatyana here,
how are you doing there ?
i am very glad to hear from you,
you make my Sunday,thank you.
We went for a walk on the embankment
with my co-worker and there were many artists,
as normally we do have many here in the Summer and she said,
Oh ! so beautiful you are,can i draw
a picture with your face ? She said it would be
the nice Gift for my boyfriend,and i said,
i do have the painting of me at home already we make before
also :) and yes,i have a boyfriend,but he stay an other country !
She said to take it with me when i go to visit you
there and just to leave it in your home so you can
look at it when i am far and imagine me there next to you :)
Sorry for that i can not come here more often,
it is only because i am just busy with my work
or sometimes i can be tired too much also,
dear,i have international diploma "doctor( prosthodontist )" that allow
me to work as dentist in English speaking countries.
I am opened to study new language if necessary !
I am not sure how difficult is it to find work
for dentist in your area and how much does it paid ?
I am ready to start even from dental assistant but
my profession is doctor( prosthodontist )
as here i work for private clinic and does not paid good.
It is not only my work is paid not good,
it is because of low level of salaries in Ukraine in whole.
You know,even last year i could afford traveling and i was lucky
to save some funds for traveling also,but now our economic situation
in Ukraine is very terrible and our director try to save clinic
and we do have few doctor to leave their work already,
i receive about 300 US dollars per month as dentist here mostly of Ukrainian
even do not have work now as its big crisis situation because of
revolution here they just lost their work,you know,i am understand
that my career here has no future for at least 10-15 years from now
and i will be just old lady when it happens.Its no reason to open own
clinic here because we have just no customer who can pay for tooth
as materials are all imported and high priced also,
Ukraine do not produce dental materials and have to buy it as import
and people are not ready to pay for it here now.
Its terrible situation and nothing really keep me here,
i am ready to move and mostly people do think the same way.
We are just not sure that new government will make something
nice for us as it never happened before.
The most of funds i earn is just to buy food and an other is
for bills as they are become two more times higher than before
revolution.Dear i can not buy even new jeans here for half of year
already,but i work 5 days per week and i do my work perfect.
Well,i want to describe what is the right relationship to me,
i mean they way of my family based on.
First of all i do belive in God and i agree with some positions
of relationship the Bible give it to us.
By the way i am not too religious and i go to the Church on special
holidays only,any way i see the power of Prayers doing my work.
So the bible tell us that all relationships
have to be based on love toward God,and love toward neighbor
What does the right relationship means to me,
i would explain it in few words and very short.
I try to put my heart in what ever i do and it is in
relationship also,so we can always find compromise and avoid conflicts.
the right relationship for me is when you give a lot and do not
need to ask something for "returning" from your partner,
it just happens by their own way and this is the balance.
When people can understand each other without words and when
they do feel each other spiritual.Also i am sure that right
relations build on good sexual relations and it is necessary
to give to partner a lot of respect,are you agree with me ?
I always try to give a lot to the man i am in relations with
and i am agree with opinion of Austrian famous psychotherapist
Zigmund Freid that there is never psychological problem for adult
without conflict of sexual relations,that means if you have
good sexual relations with your partner you are protected from stress
I have been hurt before,but i did not loose the hope to find
good man,and i will never loose it.You just became stronger
every time when you are hurt should never loose hope and
the happiness will bell the door someday.
what is your opinion about money and how do the important in your life ?

By they way i love to travel very much,
i do have many pictures for you and
will be sending more later,
from my last vacation in Egypt also

Looking forward to hearing from you

With kiss
Yours Tatyana

ear,its Tatyana here.
I am glad to hear from you,
How are you doing my dear ? :)
You know,i had extremely difficult Wednesday at work and
what i want now is just to come home and fall down
to sofa and just do nothing ! :) Certainly i love my
work and i want to continue working when i relocate,
but it do kill me sometimes ! :)
i want to be HONEST with you my dear,
I want you to know that i am not going to have profile in Internet and
i am not looking for any man also,because we do communicate
with you now and i belive it is serious,am i right about it ?
I have told to my parents about you and they were so surprised,
dad told to me : " Tatyana,i see you are so positive the last
time and you smile more often,is that because of him ? :)
Yes you make me feel more positive and i smile more often,
this is true and i am glad to you for making me feel this way.
You know,i am not the kind of lady which can be in relations with
a few men the same time,i have never did like that and i am
not going because my heart can belong to one man only,
and only by this way i can feel happy,but never an other way.
I want to describe my view on finances and money.
I belive that money are necessary to provide comfortable style
of life,but it should be never become the main.
I mean that i never put too much attention on money.
My ex did make a lot of money but after divorce he took everything
even computer because he is just crazy man.
I said i do not need any thing to remind about him
because i do want to start an other life and there is no place
for sadness and bad mood he make me feel so often.
i belive that money can never make you happy,
i mean you can become happy only if you have right way
and if your way have heart.Yes,every family should have
money to buy food,clothes,to pay taxes,so i think that
every one should go to work and i am ready to work and earn
money to support my family.As you know we have terrible
economic situation here in Ukraine and i do hardly can
earn to cover the food and bills here,i am unable to save
any thing.But last year i was able even to go to Egypt.
It was before revolution and i had few good Months at work and
i was lucky to save funds for traveling.
Today i brought more pictures from my last trip and i think
you will love them,because they are my favorite also,
it was trip to Egypt,
and i did like this country a lot,
i will have more pics by the next time !

Thank you for the way you are,
i do like you so much !!!

P.S By the way i am Christian religion

With kiss
Yours Tatyana

My dearest,its me Tatyana here your lady.
How are you doing ? i do not make you bother
reading how tired i am after work every time i come,
but this is really so and i just want to come home after work and i want
you to hug me and i want us to have a kiss and after
15 minutes i will be ready to cook a supper for you,
but what is waiting for me when i come home after
writing this letter,you are not there,and i have to
take a shower alone and then i need to go to cold bed
alone and try to sleep because sometimes is very difficult to
get a sleep even i am tired because just need to be the next to
you my prince.I can take vacation by the end of next week,
and leave Ukraine around Friday,4rd of September exactly.
i belive i can fly this date,
I think to come to visit you at least for two weeks and than return
here,but i am not sure if you let me go here :)
just let me know the name of the best airport to pick me up
near your home i mean and i will find out everything from my end ?
Please send me 3 Digit code of nearest airport(International name).
The situation here in Ukraine became very difficult and people just
afraid that Russian army will start to shoot Ukrainians and if i
had a chance to leave here even for a couple of weeks it will help
me emotionally a lot,we are really scary that war can start here.
I did not tell you the story of my life when i was
small girl and why do i like dogs so much.
I was about 6 years old and when for a walk to look
for berries near the farm,there were nothing dangerous
but the forest was close and i go there and about one or
two hours everything was fine and only when the sun went
down i begun to understand that i do not know how to get back to
the farm and i begun to cry.The first night was terrible
belive me i was scary so much as i just can not describe
it how it was terrible,i drunk water from leaves i find close
to ground and i could find some berries there also as i was
professional in berries,but it led me so far from farm,
so about three days i was in the forest,eat only the berries and
i hoped no beer will come to eat me for a supper there,
i cried a lot,but if nobody hear its not reason to cry and
on the 3rd day my dog has find me and led to the farm.
When we come to the farm nobody was there because all the family,
police and woodcutters went to the forest looking for me
and just could not find for three days already my mom nearly had
the heart attack and when they return by the evening i was in
my bed very dirty but it was very happy moment in my life and
my dad had a tear but said nothing just kiss me,kiss my dog
it was named Juchka and they understand that i missed home
so much and that i have been scary and they got doctor and he said
i am ok but need to stay home and drink more milk for a week
and they should look better for me,but it was impossible to look
for me coz i was so crazy child :) So this is one more story and
i know after we get together we will have our own stories :)
We do have one story of our communication
and an other story is getting us together
forever and i want you never let me go and look for me !
i am going to have sweet sleeps and see you in my dreams
i hope i did not make you sad too much it is just important story
and it is about my life and i just want you to know about it
and i never tell this story to every one,just only closest people do
know about it and want to share my private with you and i feel i can
trust you as for myself.Thank you for being good listener,
i am going to come here soon and will be thinking about you !

P.S I do have farm pictures for you today


My address is :

Pestelya Pavla vul 18, 61, Kiev, 01135, Ukraine

Please remember your lady in Ukraine thinking often about you !

With kisses
Yours Tatyana