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Hello my new friend!

xxxx glad that you have not rejected my letter and very happy that
once again writing to you. Thank you for the photo. xxx you very
attractive. I did not expect to see such a beautiful man. I with great
interest I read your letters. I really want to know about you, as much
as possible. I will try to write you all about yourself, as much as
possible. I wish you had studied me, as best as possible and not
mistaken in his choice. I would really like you to be just the man
whom I sought all his life. I have always valued in men nobleness and
skill to stand up for his lady. I think if two people in all honest to
each other and they have a mutual understanding, they ensured a bright
future and long love. xxx, I really want to know everything about
you in detail. How much you get up, how much time you spent on work
that you like to eat, how you spend your spare time. Now I want to
write a little about yourself, as I have held an ordinary day. I wake
up at 6 am and go to the bathroom. Then I'm going to lunch, for
breakfast I eat sandwiches and drink coffee with milk. At 7 o'clock I
leave the house and go to stop. I go to work by public transport.
Sometimes at the bus stop is a lot of people and I'm going to work on
foot. Generally I like to walk up to my work from home 30 minutes
walk. My working day lasts from 8 to 17 hours. After work I come very
tired and just go to the bathroom. After that I feel restoration of
forces. I have 5 years of living separately from their parents. I
inherited from my grandmother apartment and I moved there. I am the
only daughter in the family, so the apartment my grandmother left me.
Now in my daily routine was added at the Internet cafe to write you a
letter which I am very happy. I want you to write about how I spend my
weekends and holidays. In the summer my friends and I love to go to
the campaign. We walk in the woods and the lake. I like to go sit by
the campfire and listen as someone plays the guitar. Now in the winter
we go skiing and skating. I do not like winter, because we have very
cold. But in winter we have a very nice and I do not know what to
compare this beauty. So on weekends I'm with my girlfriend go to the
gym to keep himself in top form. As a child, my parents enrolled me in
ballet, where I worked about 9 years. Since then, I try in my spare
time to play sports. In the summer I like to ride a bicycle and on
roller skates. I hope you do not seem boring my letter you'll continue
to write to me. I hope that I write clearly enough and much about
myself. I will try to answer all your questions. If I do not answer
your question, so I could not understand him, not get mad at me and
write it again. I think that you understand that the main goal in my
life - is to find friends and possibly, my second part of me that I
can overcome all the difficulties of life. Together to meet pleasure,
occurrence of children, raise them, cared for, give them a happy
childhood, I dreamed about it! I think you understand me and your life
goals are similar to mine, in my heart I hope that someday our hearts
will meet. At this point I want to finish my letter and with
impatience I shall wait for your answer. Your letters to melt the ice
in me and kindle a fire in my heart.

Your friend from Russia!