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Letter 1 How are you???
I am pleased to receive your letter again. I'm so pleased to know more about you.
xxxx I love communicating with you. I'm glad that every day I can learn more about you. It is very pleasant for me.
I do not have skype. I do not know how to use these programs. I have little use and understand in computer programs.
I promise you that I will learn to use skype.
With all my will I will soon learn to use this program.
And now I'm sorry, I can not talk to you in skype.
Continue our conversation.
I want to tell you about my family. This is an important part of my writing, because few people will talk about the family to a stranger, and especially on the
But I'm beginning to trust you and you can trust my important and secret thoughts.
I live with my mom. We have a studio apartment near downtown.
Brothers and sisters, I do not have a family I'm the only child.
As a child I dreamed about my brother. But my mom and dad a lot of swearing and then divorced. My dream about my brother was never realized.
My dad left the family. He lives in another city with another family.
I do not judge my father and mother for it too long forgiven him and sometimes he visits us.
My father even help us, I really appreciate everything he does for us. My father does not abandon us, even though he has long been another family.
My mother is a very kind woman and she always keeps our home.
She works in a kindergarten for young children. She is a teacher and often coddling young children.
Apparently love for children was passed on to me from my mom.
I can tell a lot about the qualities of my mother. But that's for another time.
Likewise, I like all people have friends. I have a few best friends.
In the course of our correspondence with you, I will acquaint you with some of my girlfriends.
My girlfriend helped me many times in my life in difficult situations. This loyal and reliable friends.
Main thing in life to find good and loyal friends who will support you in a difficult moment for life.
Likewise, I have friends at my work. Oh yeah. By the way I now write to you with my work. I now have a lunch break and I can write to you.
I told you a lot about me and my family. And what do you have personal secrets that you never told anyone?
You can share these secrets with me. I promise not to tell anyone :)
I'm curious to know your life, how you spend your days, learn your habits.
I send you a video from my childhood friend Valeria.
Ohh .. I've got to run. My boss is calling me. I have to go to work. Letter 2 Hi xxxx! I'm very glad to be writing to you today!:-) I think it'll be so great to know more about each other! I would really love to keep in touch with you! Maybe we will find out that we are two missing parts and that we need to unite and to be together and build a relationship! Who knows! Time will tell, yes? As for me, I'm looking for a serious and long-term relationship, maybe we will understand one day that we want to spend the whole life together, everything could happen!;-) Maybe, we will be just good friends that is not bad too. Did you see that I live in Ukraine? But I do believe that distance is not a problem at all. I work as a seller in a clothes store. I like music a lot and listen to many different kind of music. Do you like music too?

Will be waiting for your reply!;-)
Comment #123056
as you can see, it is not even the same person on the cards .. very clumsy
Comment #123089
conflicting photos of the alleged person are very common but i guess punters dont want to see the difference .the scammers choose women who look very similar as theyre limited in what stolen photos they can send a potential victim