Scammer elena Gorbunova elena

mira 27, 610044

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here the letter how to send money:

Many thanks for your letter, I was very happy to receive it. My love
Henk, I never about you forget, and it is probable, that you now very
much wait for my letter. I madly miss on you, my lovely prince. In my
heart pleasure because somewhere on this this world I am am expected
by the fine person, the fantastic prince with whom I will be happy and
to which it will be good with me. It you, my love Henk.

You should understand, that our destiny depends on you. Henk, I very
much want to you on a visit. I really want to develop our relations,
our love. You mean for me much. If you can help our meeting, you never
will regret about it. Please, do not do to me painfully. All depends
on you. All depends on your help. You should know, that you can change
our destiny. It depends on you. You understand? 756 usd is so much
money what can solve destiny of two people??? Or money for you means
more than our love, our relations. I hope, that you estimate our
relations. I hope, that you be able make our meeting a reality. My
darling Henk, at me is not present the bank account. As I receive the
salary cash. Henk, today I would go what to learn as you can send me
the help from the country. To me have told, that the most reliable
way, it to take advantage of the international system of remittances.
Them is much, the most popular it Western Union.

I have received detailed consultation about this kind of remittances.
It quickly, conveniently, reliably.

* Each remittance is protected by modern system of safety
* the Newest electronic technology and a worldnet allows to carry out fast payments of remittances of all in some minutes after their departure
* to Send and receive a remittance it is possible in any point Western Union without opening of the bank account

I think, that it approaches us. They have told, that Western Union
transfers the most reliable and fast way money from another the
country to Russia. I can receive money in some minutes after yours
transfer. It is very safe, because only I can receive this money. They
have told, that the following information for this purpose is required
what you could transfer money:

The name: Elena
Surname: Gorbunova
The country: Russia
City: Kirov
Street: Mira
The house: 27
The post code of an index: 610044

To receive your transfer, I require your full information.

Number Money of Transfers of the Control - 10 numbers; (MTCN - 10 numbers)
Your full name;
Your full: a surname;
Your full home address;
How many money you send to me.
Without this information I cannot receive this money.

Our time comes, and I will soon thaw in your gentle embraces. My love,
I long was by the window and imagined, that we already together. To me
it was very good during the moment when I thought of it, but then I
have come to the senses also my dream have ended. But I believe, that
soon there will be a miracle and will not be happier than us anybody
in this world. I am assured, that you also about it think. I have
again laid down on a bed and have fallen asleep at 2 o'clock. After a
dinner I have gone to Internet cafe to write you the letter. Here such
there was my cloudy morning. But thoughts on you warmed my heart
because I love you, my prince. I wish to give you all love. I send you
hot kisses and warm embraces.

Your love and gentle princess Elena.

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Here is another similar report
Comment #123024
Yes.. i saw that.... Thanks..
Comment #123025
wish we could name these aseholes....
Comment #123026
This is nice... i asked passport and mobile phone number. So we could chat life... And that she send me all the money she or he had and than i will buy a ticket... Read reaction.. i can't stop laughing.... whahahahaha:

IT wrote..:

Hello me dear love,

We are divided with huge distance, reading your letter, I feel your
care. How you today? How your weather? Though weather was not solar
and in the cloud sky, my mood today very good.

I should buy tickets in Russia, in any way it is impossible to make so
that you legalised papers in the country. My government should receive
taxes from citizens who leave in other country and consequently I
should buy tickets NECESSARILY In Russia!!! I can do nothing with it
because such are laws of my state, and I have concluded the contract
with agency when made out the visa. I hope that you understand it. It
is valid so. I will need to buy tickets in Russia, and the agency has
offered me very cheap variant. For this purpose it is necessary for me
Henk. How much you remember I spoke to you about it already earlier. I
have done the utmost from me to arrive to you and be with you my love.
I hope that soon we will together. I very much wait for it. I spoke to
you that my phone is broken.

I all night long dreamt, as to us it will be good together. I very
much miss on you. I very much would wish to share with you the joyful
moments. To give you love, to listen to your gentle words. I
represent, that you sit, then embrace me. I want, that it was actually
as soon as possible. Today I weigh day thought only of you. I think of
our meeting. It will be in the happiest afternoon in my life. My
purpose it you, and our meeting, and at us will be continuation of our
serious relations. I think, that you also it wish. I know, that our
hearts already together and feel each other.

I with impatience expect your letter.
For ever yours Elena.