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I am very glad, that you have written to me. It will be very pleasant to me to get acquainted with you. I hope ours with you dialogue will be long and pleasant. And we will find the general themes for conversation. When I have seen your profile you have interested me. And I have decided to write to you.
Now I will a little tell about myself. My name is Nadezhda. To me of 26 years. I live in big and beautiful a camp Russia. My house is in the centre of the country! I live in small settlement which is called Kokshamary. And where you live? I by training have finished medical college and pedagogical school. By a trade I the nurse and the tutor of a kindergarten. But because of that that in my settlement there is no hospital where I could work. I should go in a city. Now I will a little tell to you about my appearance. I the harmonous girl with brown eyes. At me chestnut hair. My growth makes 168 My weight see makes 63 kgs. But in more details you can see me on my photo which I will send you. I will be very glad to receive from you your photo. I hate when me deceive or something hide from me. I want that to me always spoke the truth. I am always open before the person with whom I communicate. Here such character at me. In free time from work I like to read the book and newspapers. Earlier I read books concerning the person. Here therefore I now work in hospital.
And now I very much like to read the book about love and about the romanticist. As I like to watch TV! I like to look comedies, serials, and as films about love! From pets I have a favourite cat! Which call Bars. When I at home it always near to me!
Tell to me a little about itself. To me it will be very pleasant.
Now to me хочетcя to tell to you as there passes my day. I work in hospital as the nurse. I rise in the morning every day in 7 o'clock in the morning. I make to myself a breakfast and run for work. On work I should be 8 hours. When I have time I go on foot for work. As I like to walk along the street before work. And when I am not enough time I go by the bus. And so I on work to 8 o'clock in the evening. I go to a lunch break to make a dinner. But at times even time is not present to eat. Sometimes I very strongly get tired. I come home and at once I go to bed. And from - that I live in settlement, I rent apartment in a city as I should go every day for work. Except for the days off. And on days off sometimes I go home to the parents. I very much like my work. It is pleasant to me to be good to people. For this work I was arranged recently.
When I have left school has gone to study in pedagogical school. I by a trade the teacher to school age. Earlier I in settlement worked for myself in a kindergarten. I very much like children. And I with the great pleasure worked there. But then children in our settlement became less and our kindergarten have closed. And I remained without work. But I was not going to sit at home.
Then I have gone to study as the nurse. Has finished courses and now I work in hospital. Besides I have other hobbies. I very strongly like to go in for sports and protect the health. In particular, I take a great interest in volleyball. Very much it is pleasant to me these kinds of sports. But now I have not enough time. And now I play volleyball very seldom. And when I went to school, we went on different competitions. Where occupied prize-winning places. And in what kind of sports you are engaged?
As I like to listen to music. I listen to such music, which to me to liking. And what music is pleasant to you? Write to me about the interests, about that that you love and than are engaged.
 Excuse me for my mistakes as I not so well know your language.
On it I will finish the letter if I was pleasant to you write to me. I will wait the answer.