Scammer Ewelina Ewelina

27 August 1985

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Hello XXXX.

I received your letter and it means that you want to continue our
communication. So no way back!! :) Just kidding!!! :)))

Oh, honey. You can ride a horse. It was my dream to try it. Can you teach me how to do it?

I guess I will start with some information about my life. I hope it
won't seem too boring for you.. :))

So, as I wrote you, my name is Ewelina. I was born on 27 August 1985.
Yes, my sign is Virgo. I am serious, always think over my every step,
but don't forget to smile. Because as you know smile is like a
mirror:)) And when is your birth date, Larry? I hope not very soon,
because I want to prepare a present for you;)))

I live in small place in the Eastern Ukraine called Novotoshkovskoe.
Yes, my village is not like big cities like Kiev or Odessa, but I like
it for it's fresh air and kind friendly people.:)) And where do you
live? I guess in a huge city with a lot of cars and skyscrapers:))

I live with my parents, my brother and my pretty Yorkshire Terrier.
It's a girl and her name is Businka. We call her Busya.:)) She is a
part of our family, sometimes we think that she is the main part:))
Everything turns around her)) I must tell you that I have big family.
I have three aunts and an uncle. And they have their own families. So
when we are together we make a lot of noise:))) And do you have a big
family, XXXX?

As I like animals I work in pet shop. So our clients are mainly cats
and dogs. Please tell me about your work, Larry. Do you like it?

What about my free time, I like to watch movies. Like all ladies I
like melodramas.. :) I watch them with handkerchief in my arms;)) Do
you like to watch movies? Which kinds of movies do you like, Larry? I
hope you don't like horror films because I can only listen them with
closed eyes:)))

I don't have children, and of course I want to have mine. But I can decide it only myself. We will decide it with my man.

To be honest I don't like to sit at home. I will learn the language and look for job. As you know women from Ukraine can combine work with family. So nothing will suffer without my attention))

I hope you are not bored:) Wait for your next letter. If you have
questions to me I will answer them with pleasure:))

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General IP Information
Decimal: 1565065446
ASN: 25229
ISP: Volia
Organization: Volia
Services: None detected
Type: Broadband
Assignment: Static IP

Geolocation Information
Continent: Europe
Country: Ukraine ua flag
State/Region: Kyiv City
City: Kiev
Latitude: 50.4333 (50° 25′ 59.88″ N)
Longitude: 30.5167 (30° 31′ 0.12″ E)
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I have communicated three preety nice lady from Eastern Ukraine. All was scammer having the same stories. War conditions, having no passport, poverty, a sick relatives, a useless ex-boyfriends. Almost every nice women from Eastern Ukraine, Like Donetsk and Lugansk region, are scammers. They are not looking for a nice guy, they are looking for stupid ones who can believe everything they said. Believe me ,the more you sent money the more they will ask.. when you regret not to pay more, you will see you are nothing for those scammers... If you really want to build a serious relation, you must go and meet them... Believe me if you sent money once, forget about them... If a women is really serious , they can never ask for money..Stay away from the scammers from Eastern Ukraine!!!! There a dozens of office to scam stupids...
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