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I am 28 years old, my height 170, my weight 56. What about you???
Larry I want to warn you, I'm VERY VERY VERY very cheerful person, I like to play the fool, laugh, throw pillows, to pour water,fall down on the grass, walk barefoot)
I try to get the maximum pleasure out of life especially after the recent events in Ukraine. I pray to God about the end of the war !!!!!!!!!

I live in a small town Krasnograd (just around 20 000 inhabitants), Kharkiv region. My town is very
small and there is nothing really
interesting here. Not far from us there is a small river. In the summer there are a lot of people))))

Larry I think we were lucky to meet each other on the Internet. I think that correspondence is very important in this kind of relationships.
Agree? We will find out more about each other. Hopefully our correspondence will lead us to meeting and more??

I am seeking for serious relationships only! Oh, one thing I must tell you that
unfortunately I do not speak and write English... :( I have found a way to contact you with the help of professional translation.
With the translation help I am able to convey to you all my thoughts and I am sure that you will understand everything I write you.
But I plan to start learning English in future as I know how important communication is.

I have never been married and I do not have kids, Larry Whats about you ?

Many years I was engaged in gymnastics))) So squirm like a snake - it's not a problem for me))))))))))) God, I hope you understand my provincial humor)))
and you do not think that I am a madwoman)) ))))))))))What is your hobbies?

Tell me more about your life How do you normally spend your daily
activities? What are your plans for the next five years , I hope the meeting with me included in your plans))))))) ?

I'll be waiting for your next letter with a great impatience!!!

Kisses, Irinka !
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Hello, my dear XXXX!
I hope all is well with you?
You did not write me a long time and has not responded to the last letter.
I want to believe that you're just busy. If so, write me !!!
I just want to find love and be happy. Create a family and raise children !!!
The family is one of nature's masterpiece. I want this miracle of nature !!!
The love of a family is life's greatest blessing. My mother tells me:"When you look at your life, the greatest happinesses
are family happinesses". I listened to it and I think she was right. You agree?
Many people think that all the pretty girls can not be alone, but it is not.

They can trust me! Even very !! I am communicating with you
I thought that we could be a big one for the other. We may have a lot in common !!
Maybe we can be happy together. What do you think ??? If all of a sudden I do not like it, or some words hurt you,
just tell me !!! But do not be silent !!!
I hope for your understanding !!!!

Just write me about yourself. Tell me more about what you like. As usual you spend your day.
Probably about his fantaziyah. Be honest and I will be with youBud honest and I'll be with you !!!!)))

I am waiting for a letter from you!!!!!

With love and warmth, Irina)
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General IP Information
Decimal: 3562681598
ASN: 41588
ISP: Scientific-Production Enterprise Information Techn
Organization: End user ip pool
Services: None detected
Type: Broadband
Assignment: Static IP

Geolocation Information
Continent: Europe
Country: Ukraine ua flag
State/Region: Kyiv City
City: Kiev
Latitude: 50.4333 (50° 25′ 59.88″ N)
Longitude: 30.5167 (30° 31′ 0.12″ E)
Comment #125902
Hello ????? :) :)

I'm glad to see a new letter from you :) It means that you are still
interested in me and still want to know something new about me :)

Well... :) ?????, if you're ready, I'll tell you a little about myself
:) I think I will not be mistaken if I start with the most interesting
question - what such a beautiful woman is doing on this site :) Yes?
:) Glenn. Let me explain you this situation ;) At first, I don't like
the behavior of Ukrainian men. Because most of them are too lazy and
they don't want to take care about anyone, even themselves sometimes.
Therefore women should not expect support from them. Secondly -
Ukrainian men don't want to build a serious relationship. They just
love to watch football and drink beer with their friends in the pub.
No, I am not against the football and we can do this together, but I
also have some other interests and not only this on! I think we can
always share our hobbies, we can always do sport together, travel,
explore new things and adventures. Life is so miraculous!! But better
we make miracles ourselves =) This is a little miracle we don't know
each other, but attracted somehow ;) But I am realistic lady and
that's why I know to get something, you should act! That's why I am
here now not waiting for my man fall from the roof right into my
apartment =)

Well, I'm from Ukraine. I'm 29 years old, my height is 169 cm and my
weight is 58 kg :) I live in Debaltsevo, which is one of the largest
Ukrainian railway junction or rather it used to be. Because Debaltsevo
is under the control of separatists now. And our railway is closed.
When I was a little girl I dreamed to be a train conductor :) I
thought that I can travel a lot and see the world in such way :)But my
mother said that it was not a good idea. And it would be better to
think about the future and not about traveling. And then she took me
to the gym and I started to do sports :) That's why I love gymnastics
:) I can touch my ear with my leg. Can you do the same, Glenn? :) What
are your hobbies? :) What was your dream when you have been a child?
:) Maybe it came true? ;)

I do not like lies and betrayal. I like honest people. I always say
what I think and what I feel. I don't want to deceive anyone. It's
always better a bitter truth than a sweet lie. And I try to follow
this principle :) And what about you, ???? :)

Oh, I send you the video of me and my cat ;) I hope that you will like
this. Pirozhok is not very active :) He eats a lot and he is very very
lazy :) Do you have any animals?

Tell me. Have you ever learned another language? Because I'm a
beginner in this case. And when I look in my book, which I'm using to
study English, I see only hieroglyphs :) I want to learn English,
because I hope that when we meet, I can communicate with you without
any interpreter :) But now I'm writing this letter with some help of
the interpreter. Because without it, my letters would not be so big
(if to be honest it would be only few words) and with mistakes :)

I'll be waiting for your next letter with great impatience!!!

Kisses, Irina!