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Volnovaha, Ukraine

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Hi my sweet boo David!

How life is treating you today? I hope your day starts from a joy,
smiles and tasty coffee =) Do you like coffee? I can cook very tasty
coffee - my grandfather taught me, as it's tradition to drink coffee
by the whole family seating on the terrace. I think traditions are
very important in a family, as this makes people very united. We are
united in my family, maybe because our dad left us in early ages and
we all had to work hard to survive, help each other. Oh, i never told
you about my family. I have mom and 2 sisters, one is divorced and
have a child 13 years old and another one is a student. So, you can
imagine we never are bored in such women's community =)))

To make you smile again i send you a short video singing songs in car
=) I hope you will not think "Thanks God, i didn't meet that crazy
driver on my way" =))) I have a driving license, but unfortunately
don't have a car. That one is not mine. Do you have a car, David?

Tell me about your childhood, David. Have you been a tom-boy or a calm
child? Did you like to study or ran away from school? =) I may say i
have been a good child, but sometimes i ran away from some classes,
which were boring for me. But teachers knew where to find me - in
sport hall of school =) I always loved sport and i took part in all
the competitions, that's why teacher of physical training always
allowed me to play with other classes. I didn't like mathematics and
loved literature, but i can't say i studied bad. Middle student. My
sisters could wake up the whole block of flats with a scream when they
met another insect i brought home =) I laughed from them and if they
offend me i put cockroaches on their pillows =))) But now we are very
united and best friends with them, even having quite difference in
age, interests and way of life. I send you picture of me being small.
I always had such big mouth and wide smile =))

Unfortunately, I cannot use skype as I do not have a computer at home
due to war. Things have changed dramatically here, and computer here
is a luxury.

Tell me all your thoughts and emotions, David! Do you still breath
after a picture? ;)) I can save your life by mouth-to-mouth ;) Send
you a virtual kiss for now!

Comment #124113
the woman is too hot to be true ---- major red flag ------