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Hello dear,its Alla here,
how are you doing there ?
i am very glad to hear from you,
you make my Thursday,thank you.
We went for a walk on the embankment
with my co-worker and there were many artists,
as normally we do have many here in the middle of Summer and she said,
Oh ! so beautiful you are,can i draw
a picture with your face ? She said it would be
the nice Gift for my boyfriend,and i said,
i do have the painting of me at home already we make before
also :) and yes,i have a boyfriend,but he stay an other country !
She said to take it with me when i go to visit you
there and just to leave it in your home so you can
look at it when i am far and imagine me there next to you :)
Sorry for that i can not come here more often,
it is only because i am just busy with my work
or sometimes i can be tired too much also,
dear,i have international diploma "doctor( prosthodontist )" that allow
me to work as dentist in English speaking countries.
I am opened to study new language if necessary !
I am not sure how difficult is it to find work
for dentist in your area and how much does it paid ?
I am ready to start even from dental assistant but
my profession is doctor( prosthodontist )
as here i work for private clinic and does not paid good.
It is not only my work is paid not good,
it is because of low level of salaries in Ukraine in whole.
You know,even last year i could afford traveling and i was lucky
to save some funds for traveling also,but now our economic situation
in Ukraine is very terrible and our director try to save clinic
and we do have few doctor to leave their work already,
i receive about 300 US dollars per month as dentist here mostly of Ukrainian
even do not have work now as its big crisis situation because of
revolution here they just lost their work,you know,i am understand
that my career here has no future for at least 10-15 years from now
and i will be just old lady when it happens.Its no reason to open own
clinic here because we have just no customer who can pay for tooth
as materials are all imported and high priced also,
Ukraine do not produce dental materials and have to buy it as import
and people are not ready to pay for it here now.
Its terrible situation and nothing really keep me here,
i am ready to move and mostly people do think the same way.
We are just not sure that new government will make something
nice for us as it never happened before.
The most of funds i earn is just to buy food and an other is
for bills as they are become two more times higher than before
revolution.Dear i can not buy even new jeans here for half of year
already,but i work 5 days per week and i do my work perfect.
Well,i want to describe what is the right relationship to me,
i mean they way of my family based on.
First of all i do belive in God and i agree with some positions
of relationship the Bible give it to us.
By the way i am not too religious and i go to the Church on special
holidays only,any way i see the power of Prayers doing my work.
So the bible tell us that all relationships
have to be based on love toward God,and love toward neighbor
What does the right relationship means to me,
i would explain it in few words and very short.
I try to put my heart in what ever i do and it is in
relationship also,so we can always find compromise and avoid conflicts.
the right relationship for me is when you give a lot and do not
need to ask something for "returning" from your partner,
it just happens by their own way and this is the balance.
When people can understand each other without words and when
they do feel each other spiritual.Also i am sure that right
relations build on good sexual relations and it is necessary
to give to partner a lot of respect,are you agree with me ?
I always try to give a lot to the man i am in relations with
and i am agree with opinion of Austrian famous psychotherapist
Zigmund Freid that there is never psychological problem for adult
without conflict of sexual relations,that means if you have
good sexual relations with your partner you are protected from stress
I have been hurt before,but i did not loose the hope to find
good man,and i will never loose it.You just became stronger
every time when you are hurt should never loose hope and
the happiness will bell the door someday.
what is your opinion about money and how do the important in your life ?

By they way i love to travel very much,
i do have many pictures for you and
will be sending more later,
from my last vacation in Egypt also

Looking forward to hearing from you

With kiss
Yours Alla
Comment #122831
scammers seem to be writing very long messages lately its a new development from the Vlads
Comment #122832
i also had recent messages from an alleged dentist with similar story but from Moscow , i will post her here soon
Comment #146119
She wrote me from, then move to
I found her first letter she wrote me (in italian) on a scam site (in spanish). On that site, she's reported as Nadeja Gudimova.