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Hello my dear xxx!
I am so happy to receive your letter. Thank you. I will write today and tomorrow I will not write, will stay at home cooking cleaning and doing laundry, also reading and watching TV! It is my plans for tomorrow. xxx, now I think I understand what you meant when you told about a weekend (break). I would like to see you in person, it will be great, this feeling is just becoming stronger and stronger with each day and each letter from you. I like you very much xxx. Thank for your attention. I would like very much to have serious relations with you and to be your sensitive life partner. In our letters we should continue to learn each other better. With your each letter I shall learn you more, you are very interesting man. I enjoy our correspondence. I think we should write to each other more often when we have such chance. Nothing does the man and woman closer than to spend a lot of time together and to communicate more.

I like to dream and to think abput my future. I often think about a future house. I would like to have in our apartment or house an old fireplace and plenty flowers. I would like to have an aquarium with exotic fishes and sea turtles. xxx, what do you think about it? It would be very interesting to know your dream. Of course I shall create comfort in our house. Just because I am a woman! I shall feel I am very happy woman if my husband will be reliable, quiet careful and strong, generous and clever.

xxx, I would like to ask you also some questions, please answer, it will help me to learn you better. Do you like to visit friends? Or to go in the good noisy and cheerful company? Do you like holidays? Do you like to have a rest? I very much love weekends. In free days I very much love to spend time on kitchen. I like to cook. I would like to cook for you something unusual. I want to know what you like. Do you like sweet food?
I like sweet, but I watch the figure and I limit myself in the use of sweet food. As I am engaged in sports to contain myself in the good form. I want to spend time together and to learn each other better. I wait impatiently each your next letter. Do not leave me for a long time. I will look for your answer on Monday!
Yours Marina

Hello my dear xxx.
I am very happy to receive your letters. I have recieved everything, sorry for so late answer, I had full days on work and was tired after it and went home at once after it. I missed you xxx I also have found out now why you think my photos from 2004. The date on the camera has not been set up, and you saw a standart date which a camera show itself, 01.01.2004, is this right what you see there? Just because a camera was made in 2004 year. xxx, as I told my photos from the last summer and some of them are very recent. So don't worry about it please, everything is ok.

It is the large pleasure to answer your letter. I see that you asked many questions and some of them I alrady answered, so you should know an answer of a half of those questions. xxx, we should write to each other more and we shall learn about each other better with each day, I want it very much. I also want to meet you. I want to come to you if it will be possible, at first I should find out about the travel to you. How do you think would you be able to meet me and invite me to your home? I am very thankful to you for attention and interest to me.
xxx, it is very pity we are far apart. We are divided by thousands kilometers. But I think we can overcome all barrier with the help of language of love. Even the most difficult obstacles have no the force near to such strong, clever and careful man as you xxx. I will remember the day of our romantic meeting all life long. I very much want to speak about love. I imagined how we sit in front of a fireplace. The candles burn by soft pleasant light. The fire wood slightly cracks in a fireplace. We look at one another and all our ideas on love. My honey, you are the clever and strong man, you have the point of view of representation concerning life, you are fair and sincere man, having rare features. The love means freedom for me. Freedom of a choice of the loved man. All people should freely choose that person, whom they should give all sincere kindness, all feelings. I think the creation of family should be based on love. If the marriage is created not on love, it will not be long and happy. The love is a gift which is done for the sake of the loved person. If the soul of the man is remarkable, his weak parties stay unvisible. The love let me look at the world by new view. I would like to have love that I am ready to give my life for. I would like to have such understanding and affinity, for the sake of which I would be ready to give all that I have. My honey, what do you think about all it? What is love in your opinion? I will go now and will look for your answer tomorrow.

Yours Marina