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Hello, my sweet tiger XXXX. I very much want to be near you! You are the best! I miss you! I want as quickly as possible to come to you. I am very happy to receive your letter! You're a real gentleman! You're the best man !! I am very grateful to you for what you are doing !! Yesterday I received your money !! I am very grateful to you for what you're doing! You are a real man! I express my deep gratitude to you !! I finally paid off my debts utilities. You have no idea how grateful I am to you for what you do for our meeting !! Without your help we would never be able to look each other in the eye, in reality. You're a gentleman, you're my angel, you're the best man. My heart and soul sings! I'm sorry that we are still not close to you, but very soon it will be fixed! You are my angel XXXX, which gave me the destiny. I am very glad that I found you. I am pleased that we experience warm feelings for each other and do our best to respect you. Maybe between us there is the shell of love and friendship? You know, very soon we will understand it when you look into each other's eyes. Today, I was visited by a government organization that has been organizing internships to get tickets to your country. Authorized officer told me that almost everything is ready, and I'll fly to you on Thursday! I want to tell you the details of my flight number: Moscow (DME) to Frankfurt (Frankfurt ...) Flight: LH1451 32A Transplantation: 2h 30m 6:05 - 8:25 Lufthansa Frankfurt (Frankfurt ...) Stavanger (Airport_SVG) Flight: LH3604 Boeing 737-500 10:55 - 12:45 Lufthansa Our meeting will be the most significant event in my life. I always wanted to be in your country and to be friends with a decent man who can understand me in any situation and help me. Finally, the fate has blessed me and we met. My prince, my head was such a lovely thought, but now I'm upset because I learned some new details of my trip to you. It turns out that all citizens who come to Norway for an internship must prove the absence of immigration intentions. This is a complex set of measures, I gave a lot of papers to prove my lack of immigration intent to obtain a visa. But now I was told that I need to be sure to carry cash, to confirm the financial credit in your country. Norwegian law is very complex in this regard, and it is struggling with illegal entry into your country and immigration. And so a visit to your country is very strict. I asked the manager of a more detailed explanation on the financial viability on a trip to your country. The manager reported that the amount of money that I need to do during your stay in Norway, during the entire trip. The manager told me that I have a visa but in any case I have to have when traveling with money. Norway and the Russian legislation is very strict in these schemes. If I do not have money, I will not be able to check in and then we can not meet. My prince, now I need 1,680 euros. In any case, at the gateway to Norway, you must have cash. But the money I do not have to spend and no give. Money is necessary to me only just to confirm my financial credit status in your country. That is when I will be able to confirm the presence of money on my trip to Norway, the money will no longer need me. When I fly to you, I will immediately give the entire sum of money in your hands, my prince. I explained also that this insurance in the case with me, something happened in your country. I will give out my tickets, then when I was able to confirm that I do have the money. So I have to ask, even beg you to send me those 1680 euros, my prince! Money back to you when I'm with you in Norway! As soon as you meet me, I will immediately give you this amount of my love !! It is necessary to make sure, otherwise I will not be allowed in your country! Now I'm upset and do not know what to do. In my eyes the tears of sadness. Now I have no one except you can help out, my love. You are my only hope. I believe that you will do everything possible for our meeting. And very soon we will be together. I am sure that money is not the main goal in our life. But now the money is needed in order for us to be together, because we are in such a difficult situation. We have only one way out - it's your help, my prince. When we meet in Norway, I'll give you the money or spend a single cent! Please go to the bank as soon as possible. I beseech thee XXXX, please do what I ask you! I am very afraid that my trip will not take place, because we have been going to the goal !!! I do not want to endanger our meeting and my internship! I want to be next to you !! Please, my friend XXXX, do what I ask you !! Remember that this money, I should just show you. And then as soon as I arrive, this amount will come back to you. I think I was able to clearly explain all their problems. I'll be waiting for your letters! Best wishes and kisses 1000000 for you my angel !! Your Olga !!! PS I once again want to tell you that I'll give you the money as soon as I arrive to you! You do not have to worry about that money, you do not lose them !! I should just show the presence of this amount. Once you meet me at the airport, I'll give you 1,680 euros intact.

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Good afternoon my dear XXXX. How you today? How there passes your day? I am glad to receive your letter, big to you thanks for yours care and attention, to me it is very pleasant. You always in my heart. I would like you to see and thank very much personally. At you very big heart. Concerning money which for me are necessary, how I spoke you I to you them I will return in the airport, you can meet me in the airport at this time which I has specified? Concerning my arrival to your city, I simply wished you to see in real the world, and to give you money which took from you, I the fair person and do not wish to be due. I very much worry concerning my travel as I am perfect one, and me not to whom to support, this city of Moscow very big and at me here is not present acquaintances and friends, unique my friend it you and I very much am grateful to you for your attention, it is very important for me. Concerning that money which for me are now urgently necessary, they are necessary for declaring, as proof of that I not the refugee, you likely know that in your country is the big problem with migration and your government thus insures itself against undesirable people for stay in your country, this money will be necessary to me only at border crossing, further I them to give them at once to you. Concerning documents, unfortunately all is on registration as I have not up to the end made registration of that this money is necessary for me, from documents at me now only the passport if you want I I can send you a copy of my passport. My dear, please understand my situation, unfortunately I have no a lot of time, my flight and at me not enough time to finish all registrations as soon as I will have money already is very fast, I will do all necessary procedures I will have documents and to a smog to send you them in it there is no problem. At me unique hope of you. I very much hope, on your trust and understanding. Certainly it is very inconvenient to me to ask again you about money, but I am compelled to do it. It is necessary to make only one step and I can freely fly to you. Write to me soon I with impatience I wait your letter

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Used foto of

Name: Vanda B
Current age: 25
Height: 170cm
Origin: Russian Federation

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similar letters as by Olga below is provided by Olga ( , she also declared a scammer, i.e. it is a connection between these two profiles (same person(s) behind)
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She is now using the name Olga Mylnikova address given was Russia, Moscow Barklaya St. 7/1-36 127501 postal code. Using email address I didn't send money but she is very convincing. I hope to help no one fall victim to this person. She tried to jack me for 500 $ I have emails and pics some of the same pics on this site. I sure am thankful I did a little research