Scammer Fabian Roth HEREIAM

+44 7957 98 1092; +44 7440 48 7642
Basel, Switzerland, and Hertfordshire, UK
Switzerland and UK
only in UK SG11UT

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Comment #122727
I had contact with this guy for more o less 4 months, he was who contact me first.
I've meet him by the APP meetic. at the beginning we share messages using the same app, then the communication was through email, and by whatsapp.

he said, he was from Switzerland living in Base, talked about his parents, his mother is from US and his father from Switzerland, he has one sister and 3 nephews. he was married for 7 years, no kids. he like soccer, and in theory he use to do a lot of sports like tennis, fitness and swimming. he is fan of the Barcelona soccer team.

he share with me photos, from him and from his family, he talked about the family has a nice village in Marbella Spain,

he is architect, "project manager" responsible for a construction in UK, but he had issue with some taxes, due this his bank account was freeze by the government in Switzerland.

in total i transferred 27,000 chf, to a different accounts. one int Barclays Bank and Lloyds Bank in UK

In the last messages, he told me, that he had to travel to Dubai to have a meeting with a guy, the investor for the next project in Valais, the idea is to get a loan to pay taxes in UK in order to receive the payment from the bank from the project that he had completed.

the last contact was on july 4/2015, he was in Dubai, then after of course i am blocked on whatsapp, and the phone is not available

I know there is not a way to recover my money, but i hope this can help to others.