Scammer Linda Limback

Birmingham and Philadelphia

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After emailing her for a couple days she mentioned needing money to get back to Philadelphia and I knew it was a scam. I acted sympathetic and asked if I could help to reel her in and she replied with this:

Hello Eric,
Thanks for the email.I really appreciate you for showing your concern about my situation, I will be more than grateful if you can do this favor for me by helping me . I have being trying to sort out the problem i told you i had with my card. I have tried my best possible to talk to my bank to release some of my money to me so i can pay for my ticket back but they said they cannot touch any of it until i get back and they have carried out necessary investigations regarding to how that happened. I have also tried to get some money here but it looks like i am deserted right now. Well to shed more light on my kind of person,I love being myself , getting more focused on achieving my goals in life .I like to have my fun at my leisure times. Eric, i have being at the airport since hoping i could make the travel agents change their mind about allowing me to get on board so i can pay them when i get back home but that has not being possible too. Is there anyway you can help me with the $650 to reschedule my ticket??? i am really sorry i had to ask but please try to understand the situation that i am in right now. I would give it back to you when i get back but i really do need it as a matter of urgency and even if its important i have to refund it and i swear on my late fathers Grave never to let you down..when i have the flight fully booked if you help me out i will send you a copy of the flight details so you will know the exact time the plane lands at the airport and i will appreciate if you could come pick me up at the airport when i arrive .
Thanks in anticipation ..
Please reply soon