Scammer Nadezhda Shablina Nadezhda

Karaganda, Astana

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Comment #122695
Purported to be in Astana en route to Australia for additional traning in dentistry that was sponsored by the Kazakhstan Government in conjunction with dental authorities in Australia. Wanted an undisclosed amount or she could not fly to Australia. Gave me a lot of explicit photographs and made many explicit suggestions about sexual activities when we met!
Comment #122705

At the beginning nice and caring woman who asks also about cultural behavior in the talks, very quickly invents a fairy tale about studiowaniach dentistry and the conduct of its activities with children in the dance, after a few emails profanity starts talking about sex and says it in a rather perverse way , the next stage of its operation are sent her pornographic pictures, photos, these will be shipped with love for learned people, the next step is to ask for money because there is no passport and really, really wants to arrive at the country a man whom the web for "the kill". I pulled the money that a lot of guys, because beauty to this was właściwą.Uwaga cheat - please release her into the ether all possible images.As you can see I'm quite an inquisitive man, and what I found in connection with your person is the same rate after the links that I sent you. I think of those looks, with such a pretty face and a bit of understanding, alongside smart guy made a big career and would probably be good to you lived in the world and probably you'd be well liked, and you you took to theft and fraud, I think you will find not for much longer in the right place for you - in jail. I am informed by e-mail the police in Moscow and Kazakhstan about your person and the way extort money, I wonder how soon you will choose ass, and I thought of you as a princess, and you simple kryminalstka, rag and whore are; I will not here anymore more offended, because I think that soon life will turn around and you pay for all the harm that wyżądziłaś different guys alone. May you quickly zdechał for a venereal disease, it is best to hifa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment #123124
i had the same with this dental scammer on the way to the UK from russia ,needed funds BS....
she claimed the russian gumment was paying at first then came the begging letter for cash ,i said no .
Comment #142566
Supposedly a dentist who wants to do an internship in your country! After 3 letters it was almost all about sex and the pictures became more and more erotic! Yesterday, she demanded money, because of guilty rental debt to the state! New mail address "" Beware!
Comment #155068
As Astarell commented, my new "friend" (Lola) was supposedly a dentist (from Kazakhstan) wanting to do an internship in the UK. The was quite hesitant about discussing sex but certainly did supply exactly the same erotic pictures, which she claimed had been taken by an old female schoolfriend but appeared to me, as a pro photographer, to have been taken by someone used to working with professional models. She started by asking for financial assistance but then said she had persuaded her sponsors – the Kazakh government and her university – to fund the costs for her flight and training themselves. All quite confusing, both as to her real intentions and her declarations of undying love. Her email address is Be cautious (I am)