Scammer Tatyana Ivantsova

Ekaterinburg / Russia

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First she said that she wants my email adress, than she wants visit my country and she has so much love to give and wants to meet me in person.
i my dear darling! Thank you for your letter and your photo. you think
of me. ohhh. I am pleased to read about it. Robert, I'm also thinking
about you. I always wait for your letters with impatience. you go to
work today. I wish you a good day at work. I'm on vacation all summer,
and I do not need to work :). my dear, I'm glad we met with
impatience. I'm going to rest until September 1. I can come to
you for the summer. What do you think about this? we can spend many
days together. We will recognize us closer and we will enjoy our
meeting. I'm right?
thank you gave me your phone number. I'll try to call you this
week. I want to hear your voice. I am sure that you also like to hear
my voice. I have a sweet voice :).
Thank you that you give to you the name of the nearest airport. I go
to a travel company, and I learned that you need to visit your
country. my dear, I have some problems with this. in a travel
company I was told that they could make me a full package of documents
(a tourist visa, passport, health insurance and round-trip tickets).
It is convenient and easy. but travel to you cost expensive. my dear, I am not rich woman and I not have this money. I hope you're
not disappointed in me? I really want to meet you. I want to visit
your country and I dream to meet you. but now I have this problem and
I am sad by this. my dear, I'm sorry to tell you this. but I
hope you're not disappointed in me? I do not want to lose you. please
write me soon. I will be waiting for your letter. Yours Tatyana
Comment #122634
the last letter from her:
hi my dear Robert! Thank you for your letter. I am very happy to
receive your letter. Robert, I'm glad that you want to help me. for
me, it really means a lot. without your help I would never have been
able to come to you. but now I believe we will be together and I'm
happy about that. my dear Robert, I am also waiting for our meeting
looking. if you help me I can come to you on 20 June. it is good to
you? can you meet me at the airport?
my dear Robert, you want to send money to a bank account. I understand
you. I have a bank account but my account does not have the IBAN. my
bank account is needed for operations in Russia. I learned how you can
help me. we can use western union. I learned how to use western union.
it is convenient and safe. to help me you should know my name and my
address. I give it to you today.
my full name: Tatyana Ivantsova
my address: ulica Stroiteley 36/18, Ekaterinburg, Russia
What are you doing tonight? sorry that we did not spend the evening
together. my dear Robert, I miss you and I dream of our meeting.
tonight I spend time with my mom. we will go to the theater. You go to
the theater? sorry that you did not go with us. my dear Robert, I wish
you a good evening. I send you my photos I hope you like it. write me
soon. Yours forever Tatyana
Then i wrote this and after tht letter from me comes no answer:
Tatyana darling
are you sure this is your real name ??
look at this link
your photos are there. Taken maybe in switzerland or germany or austria and its a girl named "Magdalena" ???????
Probably from the czech republik. You have also given me twice your adress and dont know that and you have said that you HAVE NO PASSPORT
and than you send me a picture of your passport.
Try to be honest and explain me that ?????????????????????
I like you very much but it seems that you not telling the truth whoever that is.
When you really want an relationship with me please be honest and explain me the photos on the link above and when you really want to see me
so you dont have a problem to lend this 350 euros from your friends and family.
I pay it back when you are here. I promise that. I also have my pride.
I cannot build an relationship on lies (probably lies).
Whoever that girl is on the pictures that you send to me is does not seems that she needs money.
And why did you not want that i come to russia ??? Any women would be pleased if i wanted to pick her up.
For me its not a problem, i have been in all over europe, usa, and australia.
Did i do not diserve that you telling the truth:( :( :( :(
I have open my heart for you, whoever is on the other side of this email adress.
Now have the COURAGE and tell me the truth. (I want to help you, only when you telling the truth)
Your Robert, the one and only realy Robert.
Game over !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!