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She is very clever scammer .. she said that she live in krasnodon war zone in so hard situation .. after 3 or 4 mail she started to talk about how she love me ... and gave me hers skype adress after number ... we talked, we chatted with her like 5 months ... seems to me she is telling me truth ... she asked from me passport and ticket money after I send .. she sent me mail about she cant leave her city .. again war started .. she scammed me about 700 dollar ...... here some mails from her ... Hello, my Enis !!! sorry for my late reply and for my silence yesterday. it's no electricity and mobile connection in our city, so i'm just writing to you from the computer of my friend when we have an electricity. i went to the travel agency and i booked tickets on 3 of June. so on 17.30 i'll fly from the Kharkow airport and i'll be in Istanbul Ataturk airport at 21.30. i hope it's not so late for you to meet me? :))) dear, just try to send me letters for now, cause it's no connection here. we have a very bad weather and probably it's because of that. but when the connection appears i hope to hear your sweet voice! i missed you so much and i can't wait that moment when i see your eyes !!! love you !!!! Nata Kimden: Bu gönderen kişi listenizde var. Gönderme tarihi: 02 Haziran 2015 Salı 19:51:46 Kime: Enis gur (xxxxxxxx) my dear Enis, i'm so sorry for my late reply and for my attitude to you, i made you worry about me. it's so bad connection in my city, i even can't call to anybody from my city, that's why i can't reach you and you can't reach me on the phone. last days we have very horrible situation in the city. since 1 year when war was started and now new fightings recommended again!! :(( honey, it's very terrible, i'm scared of bombs, cause again we hear explosions in the night :((( now to go out from the city and to leave my family under the bombs is so dangerous, i gave my tickets back to the agency, cause i can't fly to you when here my family is under the war. i'm really sorry for this, Enis, i know that your family is waiting for me, but understand me, that i can't leave my family and go to you in such time.. i just want to hope that ay be after some time it will be more silent and i can come to you, but now now. please, don't be upset, my dear, i love. i love you so much and i will fly to you, but a little bit later.. this stupid war spoiled all my life!!! :(((((