Scammer Kristina Klimovich Kristina

Jitkovitschi/ Belarus

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It is a apartment and transport scam. The basic set up is to get men to visit and then she will arrange for a transport to her small town over 3 hours away from the airport and also the apartment.
All this is at inflated costs.
Apartments in her home town can be rented at $10 per day (had a native Russian check for me). What she arranges is $90 per day.
She also claims that she has to use an internet cafe to communicate. The ip information in the email headers indicates that the email come from the city of Minsk and not the little town of Jitkovitschi (other spellings for the town are Zhitkovichi & Zhytkavichy).
Comment #123550
I saw Kristina’s profile in Elena’s Models in December 2014. I contacted her. We sent emails back and forth from then and I called her occasionally on a landline. During that time I had an affair with another woman I already knew so wasn’t too serious about Kristina. That ended in July so I decided to visit her. Her phone line stopped working so she gave me a new number in August. I did check her email address out then but found nothing and I have discovered at least one scammer this way.

I arranged to visit Kristina in late September in Mazyr, Belarus. We spent a lot of time arguing about the cost of the taxi and the apartment but I was eventually satisfied that the costs were reasonable. I got a whole apartment for the cost of a hotel room in Mazyr. 300 dollars for 300km journey is also reasonable to me as there is no train service there.

I arrived in Mazyr and her reception was little short of hysterical, she wouldn’t leave me alone, kissing and touching me and this continued over the next two days but one evening she apparently had a row with a man she called 'papa' [her father?] about us spending the nights together. He had good cause as we were intimate. He told her that if she didnt go home to spend the nights there he would throw her out so I elected to go home to England early.

She has continued our conversation by email saying she wanted me to marry her but she sent me an email on 16.10 saying that her father had discovered we were still in communication but I have heard nothing for over a week so I conducted a new search of her email address and found her email address and photos on your site.

I just don’t know if she is a con artist because the report gave the same details of expenses [but you couldn’t rent a broom cupboard for 10 dollars in Mazyr city?] but the intimacy and sex do not suggest this. Maybe she is a scammer and just fancied me?