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Hi, my sun! ******* I am very glad to get your letter. Cute I went to
a travel agency, to find out all the information about the trip for
you. My friend works there and she said that she will deal with all of
this for a trip to you! I explained that to you for a ride I need a
visa, it is done within five working days, you will have to undergo a
medical examination, In order for them to do all this for me, I have
to conclude with them the contract, in accordance with the contract
they offer me their services. There are: Visa, it will cost about
70-100 euros, buying tickets for me back and forth it will cost about
700 euros, life insurance, it is procedure is required in order to
easily get a visa, medical examination, they buy a train ticket to
Moscow because of where I'm going fly to you and stay in Moscow pay
the hotel for two days while I wait for the flight. It's all part of
their services, nor me nor you do not have to worry about documents
and tickets, all for me to do a travel agency. I think it is the best
option, it does not cause any problems, it is very convenient. All
this will cost around 800 euros, I just want to pay the money. Honey,
I feel a little uncomfortable. because I have to turn to you for help.
I have always considered myself an independent person who he can solve
all their problems. but I want to suggest you split the cost of a trip
in half! Esb then I'll pay 400 euros and I ask you to help me with 400
euros! Honey if you agree with me, then write, write, What do you
think about it, my dear, you must understand that it is for me to be
the best solution, I think I need to prepare my trip through a travel
agency, it is the most convenient way, I do not want to look what that
other way, I think this is the best an option for me and for you. I
think it would be fair for both of us! I love you very much, you are
my sunshine, I really need you. waiting for your message my dear. my
kisses and hugs!
Your Natalya
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Hello my lovely man and my sun *****!! I really miss you and really
want us to be together with you forever. I love you with all my heart
and I am glad that this - the barrier did not destroy our love. I love
you *****!! You are my life *****!! You are my angel and I will do
all that we were together. Today I went to the bank wanted to
open an account because I did not have a bank account, I was told that
you need to open an account for a while, I was very upset. I asked the
manager of the bank can there be any exits, I was told that you can
take advantage of a money transfer system Western Union. I went to the
office of Western Union, to find out all the details of the transfer.
I found a Western Union office in my town and found the
manager-consultant to get the necessary information. The manager
explained to me that Western Union is the best system of money
transfers. It's fast, convenient and safe! In order for you to be able
to send money to you just need to know my full name. To get your
money, I need to know:

Your full name
Departure city money
Amount of money transfer
Security Code (MTCN) which consists of 10 digits that you will give to the bank.

Honey, I'm sending you the necessary information about yourself.

My full name is:

Country - Russia
region - Saratov
city - Saratov
street - Sovetskaya - 29 -13
Code 410028.
Name: Natalya
Surname: Sazhina

My favorite, the bank manager told me that I could get the money, you
should not allow any mistakes, otherwise I would not be able to get
your help. You are my prince, you are a man of my dreams and I will do
everything for our love. Sami You all that I have, I dream of you
every day, imagine our first meeting, our first kiss and the first
night together. I want to feel your passion, your love, and
tenderness. I love you. I am happy that you did not leave me alone and
love in my heart warms me. I do not know what to do, but I'll do
everything in my power that be with you. I am ready to do everything
for us and for our bright future. Sami I was waiting for you and I'm
happy to have met you!!! I LOVE YOU *****!!
Yours and only your favorite sweet and Natalya....
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Yeah I am glad I did this research. It sucks though lol. I was hoping it was real ha.

"Hello my dear friend ! Dillon How are you? How was your day? All that
today was bad in my day - immediately disappeared , leaving only good
after I got your letter . I am very glad that you have not forgotten
about me and wrote me .
I want to tell you about my family. I want to tell you about how I was
raised , and who raised me . I was raised by my grandmother and mother
. Mother's name Kseniya - she is 54 years old , grandmother Evgeniya -
she is 76 years old. My grandmother lives in
the village. About the father I did not know
my mother and grandmother did not speak about it . So I do not know
and not ask.
my grandmother is very kind . I have lived with her in village every summer and I loved
it. We are walked , went swimming and went to the woods to
pick berries!
I want to explain to you why I can not find the man of my dreams in
my country. Here men , but many drink or beat their wives.
But others are already married! So I decided to meet you. You like to
drink ? A smoking ? I do not drink or smoke , only on occasions I let
drink a little wine. I do not mind , what would the man was drinking ,
but not much and not often. Dillon I want to say right away that I do
not like to scream and fight. I like to enjoy life and I want that to
my beloved was always happy and never sad . And I'm going to do for
the sake of it. I'm ready to kiss him constantly , if it makes him
happy. I wish that we had enjoyed with him our love , passion and
tenderness. I think I know how to deal with the conflicts! and this
is a big plus in a relationship!
I hope that the pictures today I am sending you like. I
am waiting for your letter. I look forward to .......
your Yuliya"

Interestingly enough I went back to Badoo to check the profile for her to look for grammar issues etc and couldn't find any. It sucks but I am glad to not be fully. Thank God for that weird feeling I had in my gut the whole time.