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She managed to get up to 670 USD from me and 3-4 days before the travel to meet each other she asked for another 500 USD. After few emails, she will ask for your phone number, and give you hers. She will let you call her few times to confirm she is a female, but will completely refuse to use Skype and webcam! She will tell you that she does not have internet at her home, and can not use webcam at office. Understood ! But she will also tell you, i do NOT know where are the internet cafe in her city and does not how to ask about them. These are ALL lies gentleman ! Wake up.. !! I have proofs of Westren Union wire transfers to proof the mistake i did, but i do not want anyone else to fall for.

She managed to get the money based on the following sneaking steps:

1) Get you interested with very nice photos of her ( i attached some here, but i have a lot more saved ) !!
2) Get you to pay her taxi / travel costs for a visa appointment at an embassy which they of course do not arrange / attend.
3) Get you to book her an air ticket (if you are blind enough to put the insurance and / or the ticket ACCOUNT CONTACT in their name, they will cancel the ticket and claim). Regret that i was that man !
4) 3 or 4 days before she is due to fly out to meet you, she will ask you for money for some faux reason (airport fees, taxi, some spending money, so they can prove to immigration they have sufficient funds to travel, overdue taxes they must pay before they are allowed to leave the country), etc.

Gentleman, she is NOT telling you the truth.. I have proofs of ALL i said above.. BE AWARE !

I have provided ALL her details phone number, full name, photos, city name.. etc I also have a copy of her Ukrainian ID and Passport !! She will show you these to make you believe she is actually traveling to you! I paid for that passport to be issued, but she was not even did not even book a seat. I confirmed with Turkish Airlines through one of my friends who works there. He told me that her name is NOT on the flight that we were planning for her to use. TOTAL SCAM !!!! REPORT HER.. RUN AWAY !! SAVE YOUR MONEY !!

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The tricky part about this lady (Anna Kaseeva) that she sends very individualized emails to convince you that she is actually into you !! Still be careful and block her !!

This is her first email to me: 

Hi, my name is Anna! I saw you on the site and decided to write you a message!
I am alone right now, so i am looking for my beloved man, whom i can love!
So if you are also alone and also looking for a woman to build real relationship with,
then it would be nice if you wrote me back and told me something about yourself!
I will be waiting for you!