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Hello my dear!

As always I very glad to receive your new letter! It's always interesting to receive it and read it! I am glad you understood me and not ceased to write me. I am really very glad. Every time when I receive it I begin to know more and more about you, your life and all what connected with you! And all this is very pleasant and interesting for me!

Now I understand that you very kind man and understand me well, I like it very much !! I like all what you tell me about you and especially about me!

I hope you like my answers on your letters, my thoughts and all what I tell you in every my letter to you? Because I do all what I can for my letters be interesting!

I want to tell you that I think about you, your letters and your thoughts very often! Now I begin to think that I'm very happy woman because I met you in internet and have opportunity to talk to you! It's hard to believe that all this is possible! We both live so far a way from each other and have so great opportunities! It's very good, do not you think so? We can find out many interesting things about each other, to talk to each other our thoughts and feelings! It's so wonderful! ANd soon I think we can do all this in real life!

It's so good that I can call you "my friend"! May be later I can call you by another way ... I also think that I'm happy woman because you do not stop writing me! I think that you can be man of dream for any woman! And I'm very lucky that you still single and I have a chance!

I want to tell you also that you are better then most of Ukrainian man! You really know what women need! You know how to tell beautiful and kind words! It's very good skill!

Thank you one more time and bye for now!

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Hello !!!
My full name Olga but you can call me Olya. I like it more! I live
in Uzhhorod, Ukraine town! It's about 300 miles from Kiev! Our town
small here lives about 200,000 people! We have 3 theater and cinema 2
some museums! I like to live in this town but here I can not be happy. Now I'm scared to live in Ukraine because of the military situation. I
tried to meet with some different man, Ukrainian man but it did not have
a success!

They everybody wanted only one thing from me it's my body!
But I wanted that for them was interesting my soul and my heart!
That's why I decided to seacrh out side of Ukraine, I know that it's
also not so easy that there many additional questions but I think
foreign man are much better! I heard many good thing about them!
Ofcause I know that every where there are as bad as good people but I
think abroad there are more good people! One more reason while I do not
want to live with Russian man it's my father! He left us when I was
very young he gound other woman and went to her! My mother did
everything for I get only all good from this life! And I'm sure that
without my mother I could not became such girl like I'm now!

I want to ask you about your city. How many people lives in it? How
big your city? How look your city? How your city differs from others
cities in your country? I want to know about it because maybe I shall
decide to visit you soon, if we shall be find out each other better in
the next letters.

Now I live in small one room flat with my mom! She work as seller in
the big shop. I received aducation of medic and now I'm work in
hospital as district therapist! I have some district and people come
to me with different problems and I send them to other doctors or give
my conclusion about their problems! I like my job because I alsways
wanted to help people! It's all what I can for others! I know that
abroad doctors get very big salary but here it's not so! My salary
just $ 200 per month! Together with mother salary we have a good
earnings for my city. For my country is norm. One day I decided to
save my money for my travel.
 I hope I did not bored you with my letter and
you will write me as soon as possible! I will be very glad to know
somethings about your life, work and anything you would like to write
me! In my next letter I promise to write you about my hobbies and

Bye for now!

P.s. soon I'm going to your country and if you will be pie boy I will
be able to visit you there. ANy way I will write you about it later when
all will be much clear !!!

Comment #122502

Hello !!!

Today my mood became much better after I got your letter! I found some interesting things about your life! For me it was really interesting to read your letter! I have such prefeelings that we can have something more in future! I hope it will be not less then friendship! What do you think about it! For me interesting your opinion about this question!

Now about history of my trip. During last time I began to search a person for my future life, but I suffered failure, I do not want to repeat last mistakes again. About my failure I shall tell you in next letter. Now for me main thing to learn you better and better. It is very important if we shall have a meeting. I think the main thing in relations for women and man is trust. Only if I shall trust you and you will trust me we shall have a meeting in result. Are you agree ??? If things develop good, I shall visit you after 1.5 - 2 weeks and i will be in hotel or be in yours house 3 months (if you will not against or i also will not against to be in your house). In the next letter I shall write you about my visa.

As I promised in my first letter I will write you about my hobbies and interests! I like to spend very active way of life! I like sport very much! I'm in sport in first opportunity! when I have free time I go to the swim pool and sports hall! Because I watch very much for my figure! That's why I eat only special food I don; t eat much meat and eat different salads more! I like to listen to music! I listen almost everything I only do not like hard music! I can listen romantic music can listen fast dance music! All depends on my mood! I do not like to be sad! I like to laugh! I like humor! Do you have good sence of humor? I will be glad if you have it! I also like to go to the cinema and looks for new film! The last one I saw was "Intersteller"! I liked this film! DId you see it? When I was younger I loved to do camping! We with girlfriend often went on some lakes and spend time very funny! Do you love camping? In my first letter I forgot to tell you about my friends! I have no much friends and most of them are girlfriends! I like to spend time with them! SOmetimes we just walking by park (in our town there is good park!) Or if it's summer we on the coast of river (it's also in our town!)! Sometimes we are sitting in cafe and just chat! DO you have much friends and how do you spend time with them! Or you prefer to spend time with relatives ?! Do you visit them often? I have grandmother she lives in vilage about 50 miles from our town! I visit her sometimes per year! In vilage I also have some friends and I also like to spend time with them!
Now my country is very tense political situation. Military conflict with Russia. have you heard about this? What do you think about this? sometimes I get scared when the war on TV. it's very scary.
I hope for you was interesting to read this letter and you can write me something like this! I will very glad to read it and I wait for your reply very much! Have a nice day!

Comment #122503

Hello my friend!

I hope you not against I call you so! I got just some letters from you but I alreday think that you are my friend! You last letter was so superb! Thank you for your answer my question! I like your answers! Please always write me the same nice letters! Then I will be very glad and my mood always will be very well. I read your letter and  I want to speak with you is a lot of and to find out you further, I think that you good person and with you it is pleasant for me speak, I understand from your letter much and I think that you have good vital values. You as well as I speak from your heart and I think that with you we may speaks about many and develop our relations. And you not the silly guy and the person which have heart, you as well as I are lonely also I think that we may construct love give happiness and pleasure and then life will be more joyful and happier. By the way do you like animals? I have small cat which live at me! SHe is so lovely!

I want to tell you very soon I'm going to your country! Also I want to tell you very sad history which happened with me, but promise that you will understand me. It was during in last time. Some month ago I met a guy from your country his name is Tom! He told me that he loves me and want to meet me soon. We started to plan my trip. He sent me the invitation, then I start to prepare for my visa. But after while he told me that he is married. Also he wanted that I was his mistress, but his wife should not know about ours relations. I was upset when hear it very much, I been so injured. I have understood Tom - is a villain.
My heart be completely destroyed. Then I decided to tell him that I am 29 I want have serious relations, I want have family and to be happy. I told him that I do not want to have a meeting. After this moment our relations had the end. I spoke with my mum, she told me: " Do not despair my Olya you will find more good man on Internet. But you should be cautious ". I listened my mum and I decided to begin search my heart-felt partner. And after while we find out each other. I am glad that we exchange letters now. I want to forget this a history because my soul has been injured. For me it is hard to tell to you about this. I hope that you understand me. Thus I shall have the tourist visa  which will be ready after 7 days. I plan to visit your country. But now we should find out each other better and better if we plan to have a meeting. Are you agree with me?

I hope that you do not lose interest to me, write in your next letter what do you think about this. I wait your letter very sooooon.

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my last letter was 1 line ,hahah