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Mancester,United Kingdom
England and Russia and

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Hello how are you again. Thank you for birthday messages and flower it really means much for me I appreciate.  I am having a good day here and my friends from school have made my day wonderful although we did not have the party again but we are going out for a birthday special dinner and it is so amazing to have people to share a good day like this with, plenty love and some gifts.  I feel honored and special today. I noticed you did not say anything about my choice of gift from you, I hope I did not cross the line or offend you in anyway its just a tradition I grew up with. Incase you will still like to get the macbook laptop for me you can get one

 I will be really glad and will give you my address for receiving. 

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I received this mail from that scammer,today.


I can see you are very sick mentally unstable man and just got notice of the very stupid and silly thing you did about my personality and I do not know your reason? Obsession or for reason of your failure in securing a proper woman but I will teach you a very good lesson for acting with your stupid hands and thinking with ass. I was informed by my school colleague and my attention was drawn to my personality profile being put on a scam alert site which is very provocating, disrespectful and evil with a very high level of offence to my personality. You are just a very stupid and ill old man who has mental disorder and possibly suffering from loneliness, oppression and lack of a good woman and I see because I have decide to stop talking to you then next thing is to tarnish my image. If you will care to know I have you reported to the metropolitan police and also Interpol and I have officially informed the school official of your very silly act and I want this case to be properly investigated and you persecuted for your stupid act and I want you to learn a very bitter lesson, I will press this situation with all my strength and find justice. I want you to learn what your stupid act and loosing way of life can cause you and I will make sure you learn a very bitter proper lesson you uncastrated  old fool with silly attitude and untrained useless parents. I will make you pay for all this. Idiot.

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13 March 2015  I have received this email.


Hello yes day good was busy with school work. How are you again? Yes a
little too late to celebrate your birthday but trust me I have it
saved now against the next time. Well I have a normal birthday but I
think friends are planning a little party for me not too sure. If you
will like you can send me electronic I love electronics like a small
apple macbook laptop, that will be really happy for me and I will
appreciate. How are you spending your day today? Did you visit parents

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