Scammer Sarah,Sandra ,Lucy Gedzah Adrienne Manning,marie.delavraux1 Ssoul38

Sarah,Sandra ,Lucy Gedzah
Adrienne Manning,marie.delavraux1
32,marie.delavraux1 and Ssoul38 ,hannahbel solomon(skype)
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Sure babe, but i want to talk about you first..
[18/03/2015 00:12:41] LUCY GEDZAH: We are about starting our examination for me to graduate my love..
[18/03/2015 00:13:41] Rasim  Gül: okey
[18/03/2015 00:15:34] LUCY GEDZAH: So we are register for it my love, which the fees of the registration is out to be prepared one can be allowed to write the exams..
[18/03/2015 00:16:30] LUCY GEDZAH: I have been able to come up with some amount by the help of my aunt and is not fully to the payment of the registration..
[18/03/2015 00:17:35] LUCY GEDZAH: So i was kinda hoping to tell you about it to know if you can assist me with the rest of the funds to pay for my registration love..
[18/03/2015 00:19:35] Rasim  Gül: I don 't understand
[18/03/2015 00:23:21] LUCY GEDZAH: I need help to complete my registration fee for me graduating from the training my love..
[18/03/2015 00:24:26] LUCY GEDZAH: Are you to be registered before we can write the tests but i have not paid for my registration yet and i will like to know if you can help me settle my fees my love??
[18/03/2015 00:25:06] Rasim  Gül: I can assist in next mouth
[18/03/2015 00:27:12] Rasim  Gül: are you there,love
[18/03/2015 00:27:40] LUCY GEDZAH: Yes i am here love, but the deadline is next week babe
[18/03/2015 00:28:16] Rasim  Gül: what a pity!
[18/03/2015 00:29:01] Rasim  Gül: I will get my salary 15 days later
[18/03/2015 00:29:28] Rasim  Gül: how much do you need
[18/03/2015 00:31:03] LUCY GEDZAH: It costs 185 dollars and i have been able to raise 80 dollars at the moment, so is left 105 to be complete love..
[18/03/2015 00:33:07] Rasim  Gül: I can not send it  now...I am sorry not to send it now
[18/03/2015 00:33:40] Rasim  Gül: Is your aunt paying it?
[18/03/2015 00:34:00] Rasim  Gül: Isn't she paying ?
[18/03/2015 00:34:59] LUCY GEDZAH: Yeah, she tried but was able to come up the 80 dollars honey..

Comment #123790
I believe this person is currently operating on facebook using the name Daisy Mewborn Sutton. She is using the same photos as this person. She has scammed my friend for 500.00 dollars so far and just hit him up for another 400.00. She has promised him twice now that she will fly out to where he lives and both times has been a no show. She also will not answer any of his questions, calls him by a pet name, and started saying she loves him from the word get go