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Yulia favourite <> wrote:

How are you? How is your mood? Let me introduce myself, I am Yuliya. I

am  sure, looking at my photos you see a blond Barbie, however, let me

assure you, that I have a "brunette" character:) I hope I do not scare

you  off with my words:) First of all, I am a real lady and I have the

strong  feminine  side in myself. I am sure, my pics also show this to

you:)  I  am  nice-looking and kind girl, who can treat all the people

with  care  and love. I am generous and seensuous, I may be passionate

and  hot,  but at the same time I am tender, fragile and romantic. So,

do  not  break  my  heart:)  I am honest and sincere, but I never hurt

people.  I  look for a serious and decent man who will take me as I am

and who will respect me. I believe that a relationship has to be based

on  the  mutual respect and understanding in addition to love. That is

why  I want to share everything with my beloved, I want to give him my

feelings and emotions and to get the same in return. I want us to look

into the same direction, the same way of thinking.


I  think, this is enough for you to realize whether you are interested

to  communicate with me further or not. I am serious in my searches, I

do not play any games and I do not trick any one. If you want to know

me better, if you also have serious intentions and also do not play

games, if you are looking for the same as I do, let us correspond and

learning more about each other.


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<> wrote:

Hello, my darling xxxxxxx, how are you today? I will be impudent to tell you that I expected for your message back:) So, how was your day? Did you get some special news and impressions? I cannot describe myself as a Barbie, perhaps, I am not a doll:) You are right, we have to know one another well to plan such a serious step as a meeting, and I also will give you my contacts after I know you well. 


I am interested to know more about your everyday life, about your likes and interests. I am an active lady, however I also have some days when I want to lay on my sofa and to watch films eating some chocolate and burying myself into warm blanket. I like to read books and I prefer the literature of XX century. I like sports and try to go to gym some times per week, but with our crazy rhythm of life sometimes it is impossible. I have a very nice and feminine hobby – I like to knit. My granny was really skilled in this fancy work so she taught me to knit. Perhaps, I took some her skills.


I am a landscapes designer by my profession. I work in this field for 5 years already. Besides, I try to keep my skills at home and to plant many flowers on my window sills:) What about you? Do you take something from your work to home? Or do you forget about your job at once you leave you working place? 


Tell me why you search for a lady abroad and not in your place. I am here, in the Internet as I do not see myself with local men, I do not want to say that they are bad or anything else, however, I was not that lucky to find my beloved in my town.  Perhaps, we were designed for one another;)))


I will end this short message to you. I hope it gave you some more info about myself. I expect for some more facts about you and I hope that I will get your message soon:)


Warmly, Yuliya.

Comment #122439

<> wrote:

My darling xxxxxxx, I am so excited to get your letter today. I am pleased that we are able to develop our communication with every passing day, that we are so sincere and open with one another. How are you today? How is your health? Did you miss me a little bit?;)) Ok, I am joking:) No, I am serious:) Did you?;)  Why do you think that I have to send you naked pics? I also wonder why you do not send me your photos.


I did not tell you about my family.  I am the only kid of my parents, and we have nice relationship, especially as I live separately from them:) Sometimes, I still feel myself as my parents’ little baby as they always try to feed me well and to care for me. I am sure we all had that feeling from time to time.


Family is for me the ‘safe harbor’ where you can be yourself. Where you do not have to pretend anything. Where you are loved no matter what. Where you have all the support you ever need at any given time. Where you can be ‘weak’ or put your head on the shoulder of your loved  one knowing he/she will take care about you. The place where you never have to worry that somebody would take advantage of your ‘weakness’. Where you can trust without any doubt or question. Where you do nothave to watch your back because your family has covered you. I always dreamed to have a family like that, and just because I have not met my beloved in the past did not make me give up my dream of a good family. I hope that communication will be no issue in our relationship, and in case there comes up an issue some day I will be always willing to adjust and talk about it. I do not think that I know it all and everybody else is of less valuable. I do not scream and yell when in an argument, I am a strong believer of good behavior, good manners and culture. Just because you might be louder does not mean you are more right! What about you? Tell me, please, what things do you dream about? What do you search for with your future wife?

Kisses, Yuliya.