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got an email from this girl which just said Hi. How are you? I would like to meet you, if you don't mind. I hope you won't mind. If not then I will wait for your message. On your reply I can send you my foto and tell you more about myself. which i didnt think was to weird because i was on a few free international dates sites a few years go. it was under the e-mail which was anouther red flag and i checked the i.p address and its from vancouver.  i asked her how she got my e-mail and she sent me this long winded letter Hello Jonny! I am glad that you have become interested in me and have written to me. I am very glad to see your answer. I have found you through a dating site! I have the computer on work. Therefore I can write to you every day. It not a problem. It is important, that you wanted it also strongly as it is wanted by me. You write to me from the house? Or? You can the answer to me on my letter so often?  I get acquainted for the first time through Internet. I at first did not think of it. But has decided to try. I have no any experience of conversation in the Internet. Therefore do not take offence, if I do something not so. So, it is a little about me. My name Anastasiya. I was born and I live in small to village Shorkino. Now to me of 29 years. My birthday on 12th November. I do not drink and I do not smoke. I never was married and I have no children. But I believe that I can find the serious and sincere man with whom I could At to construct serious relations. At me quiet character.  I hope that we can learn much each other and our dialogue will be pleasant for both of us. I hope for sincerity of your intentions under the relation to me. I search for serious relations, therefore I hope for reciprocity and understanding. It is interesting to me to learn much about your life, work and entertainments.  Tell to me, Jonny. What it is pleasant to you in women? What character? What should it be able to do? I very much would want to learn. It is important for me. I have forgotten to tell that my growth 171 sm, weight 57 kg. It can for you is important:). I have put some photos in my letter. I hope that you will like it. I wait for your answer. Anastasiya this i.p address was from belerus and the email was then i got this one aswell Hello Jonny! Thanks for your letter. I am very glad that you have not rejected my letter. I was afraid that you do not answer. So I am really glad that you have not forgotten about me. I am afraid that you at all do not want to learn me, because distance between our countries. I want, that you were fair with me. How are you? I'm fine, the working day has passed today very quickly. Can because I hurried up to make all work more likely, to receive your letter. I hope it means, what I all the same have interested you???? I hope, what yes. Because you to me are nice also to me interesting with you to communicate. Now when I understand that at us with you acquaintance overall aims. I very much hope that at us it to turn out to carry out together them in a reality. Because I do not want to play love and teenage relations. I do not want to waste time on long correspondence. Romanticism is for youth. The reality and sincerity in relations is necessary to me only. Therefore I, as you, want to see the ending of such relation, it certainly marriage. I correctly have understood you?  Earlier I did not think that I can have correspondence with the man whom it is far from me. And you? Besides I for the first time in life, have made the first, a step to acquaintance. It is not similar to me:). Because I am a little timid in real life, therefore I have begun search love on the Internet. But when my search has stopped on your profile I have understood from this only one thing. That search of the woman for you this serious intention. Therefore I have rejected all ambitions and doubts. And now I am assured that have accepted the right decision. Because with each new your letter, I understand, what you the handsome man. I like quiet, serious, fair men. The man whom I can love. The man who will love me very much. Jonny, I hope that you can be such man. Jonny how you think? You can be my man? Or not? Certainly, still early to decide that for us with you waits in the future. Wedding or disappointment... It do not solve in letters, I so think. All will be clear, when we will be more the close friend to the friend... In an operating time I can use only mail, I was not present on Facebook. I want to try to explain where to be village Shorkino in which I live. Because I see that it is very interesting to you. Village Shorkino to be in 1782 km from Moscow. You know Moscow, or? If village Shorkino is even more exact to be in Chuvash Republic. I think that now you do not have problems to find it on a card. If certainly it is interesting to you:). Because I do not know how to explain in another way. I work as the manager on sales 6 years. I like my work. I have got good education. I have left school also university to get good work. When I studied at university, I studied English language. Though certainly I speak English better, than I write. I am not so good to write in English. But I hope that you understand me. I hope that between us there will be no language barriers. You agree with me, Jonny? I have given a lot of time to study and my career. Because I thought that in this happiness and success in life. But now I have understood that career has not brought to me happiness. Career became the reason on which I do not have till now husband, there are no children. I have decided to change my outlooks on life because years go. And I am lonely till now. I have decided for myself that the family is more important, than career. I believe that have accepted the right decision.  And where you studied? It is really interesting to me to learn about you. Therefore write to me. I will wait. You can ask any questions. I without problems to answer it. Well? Yours Anastasiya.  in my letters im just asking how she got my email and if she had facebook or vk. which she didnt wich was anouther red flag.  i havent told this person off yet lets just find out what there fishing for i'l keep you posted. take care everyone