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My dear, my precious,

To be honest, it is not easy to write you this letter. I know how seriously you feel about me. And I am happy that we have met with you. For the moment I have no greater joy than to love you and be loved by you. You could understand me and accept me for who I am. You changed me, my thoughts and desires. You have revealed me new - open, relaxed and uninhibited. I know all about you, your dreams and desires. This virtual fairy tale may be the beginning of the real and harmonious relations between us that will last forever. It's about such man, like you, I dreamed all my life. With you I can be real and to you I want give all my tenderness, kindness and love. My feeling for you is very deep. And that's why it is so hard for me right now. I do not know how you'd react to my letter. And I'm really ashamed to write you about it. But I have no other choice. Because our relationship, our future, our happiness are under the threat. You know what a terrible situation we have now in our country, especially in our region? Few months, we have not been paid and now instead of salary we receive the food ration and not money. All the horror of which we read in books about the war now we have in real life. But the worst thing is that now I can’t pay for the translation of our letters. You know that I do not have a computer at home and I write my letters at the translator, and she translates them. The internet cafes are closed, because there are constant problems with electricity and connection. Translator is very nice woman, but of course I understand that she can’t work for free - she has 2 children. So I decided to write to you about this problem. I really do not want to mix our relationships and money. But, unfortunately, many things in the life depends on the money. And I want to ask you, my dear, to help me to pay the translation of our correspondence. So we can continue our dialogues and plan our future. Of course, if I knew better English, it would be easier for us to communicate by phone. I'm trying to improve my knowledge, but it will take a lot of time, I think you understand. And I 'm terribly afraid of losing you! I want to see the happiness in your eyes and to know that you need me. I want you trust me. We need to understand each other, to support and protect. We've already done so much - we found each other! And we have much to do together in the future. My heart goes out to you and I sometimes think that I can on the wings of love to overcome all the distance, just to be with you. But, unfortunately, the reality is cruel. And I look forward to your reply. I know that you will not remain indifferent to me. My dear, now only you can help us to save our relations.

Your Katenka with hope and love

My sweet xxxxxxxx

Sorry, today I went only to write you only some words. Because with each your new letter I understand that you are the person about which I dreamed all my life! I'm sure that I'm that lady that could be your devoted and amazing woman! And you are my loyal and dedicated Man. And all I need now is to hear the voice of your heart in this world full of pain...

Sorry, I can not write you more today. I will explain you all later.

And now I would like only to wish you a good day and sweet dreams about us!...

YOUR KATENKA with all tenderness in the heart to you...

My sweet xxxxxx, where born that passion in me? What contributes to this? Your feelings to me ... your sweet words ... your breath ... your existence in my life, in my fantasies. What motivates me when I close my eyes and forget about everything? What I will remember after our first sleepless night and what I can’t forget for the rest of my life? Unable to hold back myself I give free rein to my imagination that draws me the moment of our meeting and how we fall into unearthly pleasure. I feel your hot breath and join with you as a whole. I want to feel your excited body and completely dissolve in you. I want to enjoy you all night, all day, throughout twenty-four hours. To forget about everyone and everything. I want to melt into the gusts of passion and fly from fantastic bliss.

I want you to kiss me endlessly ... so I felt the unity with vast universe, with the whole world, where just yesterday I was so sad and lonely. You unleashed the avalanche of tenderness on me and I do not want to be saved. What do I want? ... Hmmm ... I want to be yours, to feel your nature, to see your eyes full of love and fire. I want these moments remain in eternity, dissolved in time and become our story. I want you to feel my warmth even at the distance. I wanna be yours only one, your genuine, your crazy and most desirable. Yours or no one's! ...

My sweet treasure! I want you to know that I totally belong to you! I wait for you and I am agog about. My body is in an agony of waiting and craves for love.

I am waiting you! ... I want you! ...

Your Katenka

P.s. Sorry, my dear, unfortunately, today I can't much write to you, because in the present situation in our area I need to save the money for food and not spend a lot for translation of our letters, sorry. I don't go to the Internet cafes, because they are closed because of the curfew in our city in the evening. I have written you that the interpreter translates our correspondence. And it is costs about 7 dollars each letter with photo.