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My dear xxxxxx, sorry we have the problems with connection because of the war in our area.

And great joy and tenderness filled my heart when I saw your letter in my mailbox. I'd like to know, how are you? What is your mood? After work, I came to the translator to answer you. Unfortunately, I can only speak Russian and Ukrainian. And I need to translate our letters to understand correctly. I learned English at the school, but it was very long ago and without practice, I forgot everything. But, I will try to renew my knowledge, because I really want we have the ability to communicate and understand each other.

I was waiting for your answer and I am very pleased that you want to continue to communicate. Unfortunately, last time my life can not be called happy. Like most Ukrainians, we are experiencing not the best time in the Ukraine. And it's hard to imagine that all this is happening in our country. I live in the east of Ukraine - part of the country in Lugansk, where the majority of people support Russia. I work in a factory producing clothing. I was very pleased with my work, though I have to work very hard. You'd be surprised, I am graduated from the School of Music. I play piano and have long worked in child institutions as a accompanist. I loved this job very much because I love children. But, unfortunately, this work is very low paid and I had to radically change my activities. My skill to sew came useful to me. This is my grandmother taught me when I was a child. For over 2 years I have been working in this factory. I began as a simple seamstress, but now I am preparing to increase by post - to lead the workshop. My grandmother is very proud of me. She says that she has brought me like a lady and now prays to God, I meet a real man on my way who will appreciate all my dignities. I already told you that I was raised by my grandparents. Grandfather died five years ago. So I go every weekend to my grandmother. She lives in my hometown - Sukhodolsk. My mom lives in Russia. When my dad went away, she moved to Russia. It was easier for her when I stayed with my grandparents. Then she had another family and she wanted to pick me up. But I did not want. I have not seen her for almost 15 years. After the collapse of the Soviet Union it has become very expensive to come there. To be honest, except Russia, I have never been abroad. For a long time I made the international passport, but I have never used it. Because it is very expensive to travel to abroad.

Forgive me, my dear, for such long letter. To be honest, I do not want it to end, because I want to tell you ALL about me and ask you a lot of questions to learn ALL about you, about your interests, desires. Tell me, can you call me to say “Hello”?

I hope you are not tired after my long story and you still want to know me more. I'll wait for your answer. By the way, I have prepared for you more photos, I hope you like them!?

And I send you my gentle kiss .

Your Katenka

Comment #122420

It seemed an eternity since your last letter. I began to live from a letter to a letter from you. I always want to do something for you and I am so sad that at the distance almost all my wishes are not possible... Every time I read a letter from you and I am really very glad that you are in my life now. You fill me and my existence with love, kindness and sense. You changed my life and brought back what I did not expect. When I think about you, even breathing becomes easier and it seems I'm starting to believe in this virtual fairy tale. And I’m starting to believe in Love from a distance, because I am sure that real love affects the soul and not the body.

Sorry, sorry, I don't want to discuss the politic subject, but maybe my opinion will help understand to the persons from the world that in Ukraine we have the civil war. But it is advantageously for the new Ukrainian government to tell it the Putin's war because they receive enough of money for such war..... stop!

You know, I talked with my grandmother. Unfortunately, she is very old and I do not want to worry her. So I didn’t tell her about you. She will worry then how our relationship will develop. I think we'll need to be sure of the seriousness of our intentions and only then I'll introduce you to her. She knows very good what is love at the distance. She waited two years my grandfather from the army. I know by heart since my childhood the letters they wrote to each other. And I gently asked her: What if suddenly I met a man who will not live in our country, but who will love me and I will love him and I'm going to live with him. I was surprised by her answer: In our country day by day more and more dangerous to stay, my little girl. When I know that you're happy and that in your life is a man who loves you and cares about you, I can with no worry "go" to our grandfather. Because I'll know that you're not alone in this world.

My dear xxxxx, I often think if we really meet? Where we can meet and when? When can I see you and touch you? Feel your tenderness and force, the tips of your fingers, which would help me to take off the weariness and nervousness of recent events in our country? I hope we will have this opportunity very soon, my sweet?!

I always think of you and I hope my thoughts "reach" you.

Wherever you are, whatever you do now, let my kiss you warm and let my tenderness protects you, my sweet angel!

Your Katenka

Comment #122421

Hello my dear xxxxxxx

I am very pleased to receive a letter from you especially now when we have such negative events in our country. And I want to tell you a little about myself.

I want to confess to you that I am very shy woman, and I find it hard the first to take the initiative in dealing with men. Ukrainian men prefer more active and accessible women. For Ukrainian men it is much easier to drink vodka and get acquainted with some easily accessible woman. In relationships, they also prefer to drink alcohol and spend time in the company of the same friends, rather than pay attention to the beloved woman. In general, in our country there are many families suffering because of this terrible disease - alcoholism. I too was a victim of this problem. And I remember with horror my family life, full of aggression and abuse from the side of my husband. I don’t have any children. Already 2 years I am divorced but I'm still scared to think about it. I was raised in a strict family with my grandparents. I do not drink alcohol and don’t smoke. I like to spend my free time with my family and friends. We always organize various theme parties with different competitions and cuisine of different nationalities. I would like that my man also like such entertainments. And of course, first of all, I would like to meet a man whom I could trust and unlock the secrets of my soul and my body. It is very important for such defenseless and weak woman like me, who has yet the strength and desire to give to a Man the infinite happiness, care, tenderness, passion and faithfulness.

I am 35 years old. My birthday is on the first day of Aquarius – on 22 January. I hope that you appreciate my values. But also I would like to know what is important for you in relationship and in a woman? What is the main thing for you and what is secondary? Well, in general, tell me about yourself. I'll be glad to know you better.

I hope you like girls with my forms? My height - 1.67 m. My weight - 58 kg.

I'll wait for your next letter and photographs. And I believe that in the future a lot of time is waiting for us and the opportunity to get to know better each other.



Comment #122422

Hello xxxxxx! I am a weak and defenseless woman… And I’d like to find a defender!;)
I want to be tender and sweet with my beloved defender, because I need his attention,
his “strong shoulder”, frank compliments and sweet words “I love you!”. If it is
interesting for you? Maybe we could know better each other and then to see if our
wishes and dreams are similar? Write me please your opinion.

Sincerely, Katya



Comment #122423

My sweetxxxxxxx

Sorry, today I went only to write you only some words. Because with each your new letter I understand that you are the person about which I dreamed all my life! I'm sure that I'm that lady that could be your devoted and amazing woman! And you are my loyal and dedicated Man. And all I need now is to hear the voice of your heart in this world full of pain...

Sorry, I can not write you more today. I will explain you all later.

And now I would like only to wish you a good day and sweet dreams about us!...

YOUR KATENKA with all tenderness in the heart to you...