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Hello, hello, my sweet xxxxxx, I regret about your past experience, but I am sure that all what happens in our life has some purpose. Even a negative experience can be useful because the life goes on! And I agree with you that we need to know each other and learn to trust to each other.

Well... How are you? Did you think about me last night or maybe today in the morning? I was thinking of you and tried to understand what the man you are...because you seem to be a very good person to me and I am so glad that we met each other even if in such unusual way. It is so nice when after a hard work I can feel your even if virtual presence close to me with your letters that are waiting for me in my e-mail! I hope you feel the same when you receive my news?! ;) All develop quickly between us and I think what will be the next step? If we can already plan our real meeting? But the life is not eternal and we need to take advantage of all chances that destiny offer us to be happy. I’d like to know your opinion, my dear. But I think that we could speak by phone at first. It is expensive for me to call to abroad. Maybe for you it is possible to call me? Of course it will be not simple for us to communicate because of my bad English. But it would be great to hear your voice and to tell you “Hello” at least. To be honest, I don’t like phone conversation and moreover it is not always possible for me to speak when I work. If I miss your call please don’t hesitate to call me again. My phone number is +380 96 542 28 26.

I will wait for your letter and for your call of course, for this new step in our relations.

I send you my tender kiss and my photos. I am happy that you like them.

Your Katenka

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Yes, it is really so: the Ukrainian girls are very beautiful but they

don't have the convenient life's conditions. But it is not a fault of

our women that they don't have enough of means to buy a computer or a

modern mobile phone, to learn English or to travel abroad. And it

doesn't mean that all Ukrainian women are swindler! Tell me please if

you think that all Ukrainian women are swindler, why do you accept to

get to know one Ukrainian girl? Do you like to deal with the swindlers

or you simple don't believe in the stories invited by somebody who

couldn't built a love with some Ukrainian girl???

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he became irate when i asked to see her passport



If you are a policeman? I am not a criminal why I need to show you my documents?... It sounds really very strange during a virtual communication.... ok... I will do it, but.... at first you please send me your passport that I can be sure that you are not a swindler that want to use my documents.... ok, my dear?




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My dear xxxxx, sorry we have the problems with connection because of the war in our area.

And great joy and tenderness filled my heart when I saw your letter in my mailbox. I'd like to know, how are you? What is your mood? After work, I came to the translator to answer you. Unfortunately, I can only speak Russian and Ukrainian. And I need to translate our letters to understand correctly. I learned English at the school, but it was very long ago and without practice, I forgot everything. But, I will try to renew my knowledge, because I really want we have the ability to communicate and understand each other.

I was waiting for your answer and I am very pleased that you want to continue to communicate. Unfortunately, last time my life can not be called happy. Like most Ukrainians, we are experiencing not the best time in the Ukraine. And it's hard to imagine that all this is happening in our country. I live in the east of Ukraine - part of the country in Lugansk, where the majority of people support Russia. I work in a factory producing clothing. I was very pleased with my work, though I have to work very hard. You'd be surprised, I am graduated from the School of Music. I play piano and have long worked in child institutions as a accompanist. I loved this job very much because I love children. But, unfortunately, this work is very low paid and I had to radically change my activities. My skill to sew came useful to me. This is my grandmother taught me when I was a child. For over 2 years I have been working in this factory. I began as a simple seamstress, but now I am preparing to increase by post - to lead the workshop. My grandmother is very proud of me. She says that she has brought me like a lady and now prays to God, I meet a real man on my way who will appreciate all my dignities. I already told you that I was raised by my grandparents. Grandfather died five years ago. So I go every weekend to my grandmother. She lives in my hometown - Sukhodolsk. My mom lives in Russia. When my dad went away, she moved to Russia. It was easier for her when I stayed with my grandparents. Then she had another family and she wanted to pick me up. But I did not want. I have not seen her for almost 15 years. After the collapse of the Soviet Union it has become very expensive to come there. To be honest, except Russia, I have never been abroad. For a long time I made the international passport, but I have never used it. Because it is very expensive to travel to abroad.

Forgive me, my dear, for such long letter. To be honest, I do not want it to end, because I want to tell you ALL about me and ask you a lot of questions to learn ALL about you, about your interests, desires. Tell me, can you call me to say “Hello”?

I hope you are not tired after my long story and you still want to know me more. I'll wait for your answer. By the way, I have prepared for you more photos, I hope you like them!?

And I send you my gentle kiss .

Your Katenka

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photos stolen from here